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middle school hitmen

middle school hitmen

4 freaking hours. That's how long it took me to get to spend 5 minutes with 4 teachers each. It was like my life had expanded into football time, where one minute is a half hour.

So I was not shocked by the revelation that Natalie has had a hard time adjusting to middle school. And I was not shocked to hear that she very rarely raises her hand. Nor was I shocked to hear that while she is a stellar student in Language Arts, she may need some tutoring in Math. And I wasn't shocked to dislike her science teacher as much in person as I did by just hearing about him. What did shock me, however was the fact that sell issues of Hitman in the school bookstore. I've been keeping certain comic books hidden from my kids just so they can go to school and pick up a copy while they are buying extra pens and gum? That's just wrong.


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