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Francisco bin Laden?

Francisco bin Laden?

Yesterday, I helped Natalie with her Social Studies project, a bizarre learning process whereby 6th graders give oral reports on ruthless Spanish conquerers through puppetry. Her assignment: make a hand puppet of pillager Francisco Pizarro. We set out for the craft store, picture of Mr. Pizarro in hand, and bought all the necessary supplies. She followed the picture closely, trying to make the puppet look exactly like him. When she was done and I witnessed the finished product, I had to stifle a nervous giggle. Francisco Pizarro bears a striking resemblance to Omar Bin Laden.

binfranc (14k image)binladen (13k image)

See what I mean? And coincidentally, Pizarro was a ruthless leader who took advantage of the poor and vulnerable in order to create his own kingdom. Reincarnation, anyone?

So now she wants to re-do her project using a conquerer that doesn't so closely resemble Public Enemy No. 1. I told her to keep it. When she's done with the puppet she can probably sell it on eBay if she comes up with a clever enough marketing ploy for it.


Oh, shit, that's freaky!

I like how the eyes follow you around the room.

My mother commented the other day that Osama Bin Laden looks alot like christ. Even though he may be the Antichrist.

ok, who said that Osama Bin Laden was a ruthless leader who took advantage of the poor and vulnerable in order to create his own kingdom? what did Bin Laden do to resemble this?! Ok, he's a bastard for bombing the trade centre, but isn't it a bit stupid to just say he's like that when he isn't? He fights for the people of his country and religion, and what they believe, he isn't afraid of fighting injustice suffered by his countrymen, if you think he's like Pizarro, i think you should look at some facts, ok?

(with clipboard and pen)

Ruthless leader... check. Took advantage of the poor to come to power... check. Responsible for murder of thousands of innocents... check. Has stranglehold on regime running a country we all know and love (no, not the US, I meant Afghanistan)... check. Trying to incite the islamic nations to rise up under him and attack the West... check.

Hmmm, and I was thinking he wouldn't score 100% in the Are You A Despotic World-Conquerer Wannabe test.

D..you're a sick bastard. And that's why I love you.

Beany, I had a long comment ready to post just for you, regarding injustices and religion, but I think it was just a little too deep for you. If you're trying to pick a fight, you came to the wrong saloon.

D, given all the TV airtime that Osama's been garnering, we could even have him play "Are You An Evil Dictator or a TV Sitcom?" Next episode, that wacky Osama and his gang talk Mr. Roper into letting them store sarin gas in the basement...

"The extinction of Western civilization and the eradication of all non-believers in the one true Islam, is that your final answer? [...] Confident? Well, we'll find out the correct answer after this short break..."

you guys suck

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