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speaking of change

speaking of change

Am I mistaken or did Major League baseball expand just a couple of years ago? And now they are contracting? Does this seem absurd to anyone at all? They add teams wantonly, spreading themselves and the fan bases thin, not to mention the talent, thin. And now, after some serious dilution of the league, they decide to thicken it up again by getting rid of two teams. They want it done in three months. Right. It takes them years to figure out one stupid rule (see, Designate Hitter) and in three months they are going to take care of dispersing players, re alignment, etc. I smell bargaining chip. It would not be beyond Bud Selig to use this in the negotiations for a new Basic Agreement package. I hate what baseball has become. I hate that Bud Selig is a henchman for Satan.

And then I see that George W. has announced that our enemy may be seeking nukes! Oh my god! I am so....shocked! Maybe if George read little green weblog, he would have known that weeks ago when the rest of us did. Just another example of the White House wanting to spoon feed us information to keep us interested in this war. Just how stupid do they think we are? That was rhetorical.


(closing mouth)

Next time, give us something to work with. None of this rhetorical-schmorical stuff.

Baseball needs a commissioner like Kennesaw 'Mountain' Landis again - a commissioner the owners fear, instead of being in their pocket.

Selig looks like he should be teaching high school chemistry. You'd think with all the money floating around baseball, he be able to get a decent haircut and buy a suit that doesn't have a "Sears" label.

Anyway, there is some talk that Sir Rudy Guiliani might be come baseball's next comish. Imagine that.

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