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elephants and arcades

Elephants and arcades

Today is Election Day. It's a big deal here, in a county where politics means everything. The party that runs the county runs the jobs, the business, way we live. This county was once a great big Republican machine, as recently as two years ago. Times have changed. People were run out of office. The county's finances were in shambles and programs designed to help the poor, the disabled and children were shut down or stripped of funding. So sometime in the past two years, the Democrats have gradually taken a bit of control. And today, for the first time in maybe forever, there is a very strong possibility that a Democrat will take control of our county. Things may change. Then again, they may change but remain very much the same. Different party, same shit. One can hope.

There are also judiciary races today. One of my bosses, the one I am most fond of, is running for Supreme Court. He deserves it, he will do a great job there. But I am really going to miss him if he wins.

So today is a day off for me and for the kids. Which means we will end up either at a noisy, crowded movie theater seeing Monsters, Inc., or at a noisy, crowded arcade where I will end up wanting to strangle someone else's kid, or I can convince them that what they really want is to spend a day at the local public library. Think they would go for that? Would you? Right. Arcade, then.


hey, if you see "Monsters," you'll get to see the new trailer for "Attack of the Clones"! btw, i'm still not too crazy about that name...

In the blue corner, "The Shadow Falls", and in the red corner "Attack of the Clones", rather ominous and cool against cheasy B-movie subtitle... and the winner is...

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