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food follies

food follies

I went food shopping on the way home. I got in the store, looked around, and realized I just did not feel like shopping. I wanted to go home, put on my comfy clothes and turn the heat on. So I raced down the aisles, blindly grabbing whatever I could just so I came home with something and the pit stop wasn't a total waste. I ended up with the following:

One box of Count Chocula

One bag of lime flavored Doritos

One package of saurkraut

One cheese in a can, cheddar flavor

One box of Ritz crackers, Christmas shaped

One chocolate pound cake

One can chocolate flavored whipped cream

One gallon Arizona Green Tea

So what's for dinner? Lime flavored cheesy cereal with chocolate topping? Nope. McDonald's.


they amke lime flavoured doritos there? god bless america i say!

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