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moving on to hockey...

moving on to hockey...

In a way, I am glad the Diamondbacks won. Because I may be a Yankee fan, but I am also a baseball fan. The D'backs were clearly the better team in this series. And doesn't the best team deserve to win? Not the team who was luckiest, not the team who managed to stretch the series to 7 games because they faced a relief pitcher who couldn't throw more than 80 mph, not the team whose city is down on its luck. The D'backs played better, played smarter and I'm not sad at all that they won. It was a thrilling, exciting series to watch. Congratulations to them and their fans. Now it's time to concentrate on hockey.

Mondays are bad enough, but waking up with a raging headache and the feeling that somebody was beating you while you slept does not make the day an easier to bear. Lingering over my head is the knowledge that this week will, for the most part, suck.

So now Monday is calling me, telling me to get ready and get the day started already, but I'm procrastinating and lingering here because I am afraid. I can feel the mood creeping in already. That smoldering, slow burn that starts off like an ember and eventually becomes a full scale inferno. I will not succumb. I will. not. succumb.


Last night I was flipping through the on-screen programming guide on my cable system. There was this option to check on the outcome of the game and it said the Yankees won. So then this morning I see in the paper that the Diamondbacks won. And of a thing, I'm glad of it.

I may be from the Bronx, but I've never been a Yankee fan.

Hockey rocks.

Adam likes to point out that New York is the only city in North America where you can have your pick of baseball and hockey teams.

BTW, I thought I'd point out that the team tied with your team for second place in the NHL currently is my team. (Detroit is beating us both out currently.) I'm just in shock because the Flames have sucked forever, and it's strange enough to be first in our division. A division that has Colorado even.

I'm holding on tight to the thrill of being in second place. This is the Islanders we are talking about. Major suckage the past few years. I can't let my hopes rise too far. As a Flames fan, you know what I'm talking about I guess.

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