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billy corgan's head

billy corgan's head

I feel no need to go on about the Yankee game last night. I will only say this to Anathea:

Tonight. Same bat time. Same bat channel. Me, you and Byung-Hyun Kim.

So I'm listening to Smashing Pumpkins. Mayonaise, to be specific. And I as I think about Billy Corgan, and how he looks like Mr. Potato head, and how I love his music but I never have any clue as to what he's going on about, I am reminded of a song a friend of mine once wrote, Billy Corgan's Head, which had these profound lyrics:

oooh look at the way it shiiiines

i have to cross my legs

and look away

when billlyyyy comes to town


i wanna grab him by the neck

and lick his bald little head

and billy billy oh billy

how does it get so smooth

i've always had a thing for billiards

and licking you is like shooting pool

i'd like to give your head an old fashioned spit shine

because mr. corgan you must know

that you are only miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine

billy corgans head

billy corgans head

Hey, it's better than anything Fred Durst ever wrote.


Hehe, Chele loves the Pumpkins, Chele loves the Puuuuumpkins :-P

Buy their new release in 16 days :-D First edition is limited edition packaged with an extra cd of rarities and B-sides. BUY IT!

Anyways...Billy's got a new band with Jimmy Chamberlin, the drummer from SP, called Zwan. They're touring the west coast later this month.

(James Iha and Melissa Auf Der Maur have a new band too with a bunch of other random people guesting including Ryan Adams..there's a tiny article about it in the new spin.)

And finally...


The best band you never heard.

Man, I wrote way too much (for me)...obsession anyone?

Two things:

1. Why do you suppose someone with a head shaped like that would actually choose to keep it shaved?

2. Why would somone with a head shaped like that allow the word "pumpkin" to be included in the name of his band?

"If you had brain one in that enormous melon on the top of your neck..." Peter Venkman

hey, quit pickin on Byung-Hyun Kim. Those games were donations to the NYC releif fund. What should be of utmost concern to you Yanks is:

1) fatass will actually have to stand in the batter's box. hahahah this alone makes the game worth watching

2) if Schill falters, the Big Unit could do some relief work, even tho he pitched last night

Clemens... batting... too funny.

Dude, did you see Randy Johnson at the plate? Nothing Clemens does will be more awkward than that.

oh, Byung-Hyun Kim is a real-life reference! i kept thinking you were referring to Asian Bastard for some odd reason. i need to get out more. the real reason i am commenting here is to say your pic of the day for 11 04 2001 is wonderful.

I would never speak unkindly of Asian Bastard.

I call that picture "Lord of the Flies." It just has that feel.

Wow. That IS a great picture. To turn things back to the Pumpkins, if you see pictures of Mr. Corgan in the year or so before he started shaving, you'll understand why he did it. His hair did nothing to improve the shape of his head.

true, johnson at the plate IS funny... what's even funnier is when he gets on base... ever see that guy run? talk about your long striders...

but at least he ain't AFRAID to bat... hello, roger.

i love "Billy's head"!!!! its great... but i love billy even more!!!!!!!!!

I have a nice head

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