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The Andrew Lloyd Webber Experience - Dream version

The Andrew Lloyd Webber Experience - Dream version

've had some weird dreams before. As a matter of fact, I have weird dreams every night. After over 20 years of this, nothing I have seen in my dreams surprised me. Until now.

I got up at 4am today, so by noon I was ready for a nap. I fell into a deep afternoon sleep, the kind of sleep that always brings my most vivid dreams.

I think I may the first person to dream a musical. That's right, a musical. The entire dream was done in song and dance routines, complete with big finale, dancing bears in tutus and thunderous applause.

The story of the dream itself was a mishmash of recent events. There was a meeting in the library; a fireman's memorial, a stripper, Sandra Bullock, a houseful of people all cooking and a runaway car. And there was music. And dancing. It was a fifth rate Broadway show combined with cut rate animation. Think Andrew Lloyd Webber meets 1950's cartoons.

I tried several times in the dream to wake myself up, because I just wanted to get the hell out of there, but my sleep was apparently too deep and I was stuck in this crazed vision of mine. Finally, I woke up at about 2 and dragged myself around the house until I could shake off the grogginess.

When I went upstairs a few minutes later to check on my aunt, she was watching Little Shop of Horrors. Her living room is right above my bedroom.

That explains a lot, doesn't it? But it doesn't explain the dancing bears.


That wasn’t a dream Michele. It really happened. You looked really silly on CNN today staring at the bears like that. We all meant to tell you but...

last night i dreamed that the producers of The Simpsons, realizing they'd "jumped the shark", hired Dave Barry to head the show's writing staff. Dave was pleased when he found out no one came to work before noon & they all wore their pajamas.

i didn't dreamlog mine either.

No, you're not the first one to dream a musical. I've had those dreams a number of times...and I love them. When I wake up, I congratulate my subconscious on being so creative and entertaining.(I'd rather have a musical than a nightmare...)

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