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what are you doing with that rutabaga?

what are you doing with that rutabaga?

I am repeating my Saturday mantra over and over until it actually sinks in. must not do anything resembling work....must not do anything resembling work....must do dishes....must do laundry... See, it never works. What I want to do today is spend a lot of time writing, scanning pictures and watching movies. How long can I ignore the fact that living room hasn't been vacuumed all week? How long can I stare at the pile of clothes that need to be folded, the pile which now has outgrown the actual amount of clothes in drawers and closets? There's always tomorrow, right? I can clean tomorrow and relax today....maybe. What I am doing today is meeting Keith for breakfast. That's the only solid thing in my agenda. When I get home from there we will decided on today's double feature. Our choices so far:

Legend of the Drunken Master and Iron Monkey

Star Wars and Empire Strikes Back

Shrek and Akira

These are all movies we have seen before. Well, except Drunken Master, which I have only seen part of, but how can you not love a movie that has the line "What are you doing with that rutabaga?"

I've been walking around quoting Star Wars all week, so maybe we will go that way, except that means dragging out the VCR. I can't remember the last time I watched a movie on that thing. How can something I couldn't live without two years ago seem so archaic to me now? I think my father said that about my mother once.

Warming up the scanner. You know you love vacation pictures.


Empire Strikes Back and Akira.

Although I'd go for Ghost In The Shell and Fight Club if they were on offer.

We could do that, except I've run my course with Fight Club for a while. But a double of Ghost in the Shell and Akira could be interesting.

wait, is this a 'family' double feature? if not, i'd go with "Kingpin" and "There's Something About Mary". that's about when the farrellys hit their peak, now they've got "Shallow Hal", which looks to be pretty horrid.

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