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Sucks to be Byung-Hyun Kim

Sucks to be Byung-Hyun Kim.

Whether the Yankees win or lose the series, you can't say it hasn't been fun, dramatic and thrilling. They pulled another win out of their asses last night and are one game away from making New York spontaneously combust. Gotta love it.

It's Friday, for those of you who are unsure. It doesn't feel like a Friday because I was off on Tuesday and Wednesday so I kept thinking yesterday was Monday. Now it should be Tuesday but it's Friday and I hope this doesn't throw my body out of whack when I try to take my Friday evening nap. As a former insomniac, I have become totally convinced that there is no thing as too much sleep. The odd thing is, I can't sleep at night at all, but give me a pillow and the couch in the afternoon and I'm a goner. I'm getting off track here.

Every weekend I say I am going to do nothing. And every weekend I end up cleanin, shopping, remembering former obligations, fixing, visiting and whining. So I am going to try again this weekend. I am staying home. I am writing a large portion of my novel. I am tidying up the rest of this site. I am playing video games. I am watching movies. The only time I will leave my house is to have breakfast on Saturday morning with the llamlicious Keith, who will be in town for his uncle's wedding. Oh yes, I am going to pick up the 5 rolls of film I dropped off, scan a whole bunch of pictures and learn how to make a page of thumbprints. Do I lead an exciting life or what?

Speaking of exciting, I'm going to iron some clothes. Ha. No I'm not. Do you know how I iron? I throw whatever is wrinkled in the dryer for a few minutes. I haven't touched the iron since I threw it at my ex.

Kidding. Enjoy your Friday. Be nice to a stranger. And if he's not nice back to you, kick him in the head. Works for me.


Oh, I see you follow the patented Fredo ™ way of ironing! Too bad I no longer have a dryer at my disposal. Well, for now, at least.

Boy DOES it suck to be Byung-Hyun Kim. I can't believe he totally blew it two games in a row. So much for our ace closer. What, are gonna have to bring Randy in to close just so we can pull our bad selves out of this? Bah! :)

You are so right about the Series being a whole whopload of fun, though. At least it's been a good, competitive bunch of games. :)

AH, I'm the same exact way. I can't sleep at night but I can fall asleep in the afternoon on the couch any day. Jesus on a pogo stick into lime jello, does it suck.

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