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jesuschristonapogostick. i need a drink.

jesuschristonapogostick. i need a drink.

When the hell will this madness end? Please, people of our government, for christ sake, please stop announcing every so called "credible" threat you receive. 90% of people in this country are hanging onto their sanity by a god damn string and if you keep blaring out every single whisper of impending doom, we are going to have mayhem on our hands.

So you think someone wants to blow up the bridges in California. What good is going to do to tell everyone this? Aren't we on the highest possible alert already? This is what, defcon 5 or some shit like that? Does this thing go to 11? Can you turn it up just a notch? No? Then shut the fuck up already. What is the purpose in scaring the bejesus out of everyone if you can't do a fucking thing about it. Station some guards, close the bridges or whatever you have to do, but do it quietly, forcibly if you have to, just do it without the damn fanfare.

I've had it with your instructions to keep the faith and live the life while you cower in your safe places and close your buildings and cancel your plans. Do as you say not as you do? Fuck you. Stop telling me not be afraid if you're the one who is putting the fear of annihilation into me. Stop being pussies, guys. Stop running for shelter and expecting us to open your mail and stimulate your economy by going to the mall that your probably wouldn't come within 5 miles of. And I don't mean send our president to a high profile baseball game. I mean just go to freaking work already and stop fearing your mail cart. You don't expect the postal workers to stop working, why should you get to run and hide?

I don't want to hear another press conference detailing impending doom of an unknown date and origin. Our government is starting to sound like and end-times religion and I'm expecting any day now that they will all be marching around with placards stating "The End is Nigh. Repent!"


Defcon 5! War Games reference hehe. You're OLD.

(wait a sec - so am I...)

Dave Pell over at NextDraft had a good take on this topic a coupe of days back. He made some of the same points you did and discussed how frustrating it is to get all these vague warnings, but also noted that we'd be pretty upset if something did happen and we found out later they could have warned us but didn't. It's a tough call, but I, for one, would rather they gave me more information rather than less.

AND they keep announcing all of this shit every #@$*)(@#$ time Brian steps on a plane.

Woosh. That felt good. :-)

I just succumbed to the paranoia, and have been attempting to combat it all night by playing good karma/dharma music. Sigh.

At least it wasn't more anthrax stories. I swear, my poor hypochondriac lungs are ready to give out.

damn it, i mention the taliban bombing hollywood, we get a warniing on the golden gate. the day before sept 11, i said fuck you afghanistan...maybe ossama reads my blog...myabe its all my fault...maybe i'm all messed up.

You are so right, Michelle! Here we are, TRYING to go about our business, like they keep Telling us to do, but then they keep yanking back the rope with the "Warning-Warning-Warning" announcments! I went to a Sonics game last night and before we got the chance to "go about our daily business" of watching the game, we got the pleasure of seeing Shrub's mug on the vidio screen reminding us all to "Be Carefull". But HEY...have fun too...just not too much fun...remember...there might be a bomb in the arena...or Anthrax in the ventilation system...Hmmmmm...tonight I think I'll stay home and watch a movie...

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