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what the hell is wrong with me?

what the hell is wrong with me?

I'm debating whether to buy an X-Box or not. It's not imperative that we have it. But I want it. I think. I'm just not sure where to go on this one. We already have several gaming systems; Dreamcast, N64, Playstation, and we kick it old school with a Sega Genesis and NES. And come January, DJ will be getting a Playstation2 for his birthday in lieu of a party. So do we need this X-Box? No. Do I want it? Yes. And why am I agonizing over something so completely insignificant in the large scheme of things?

To buy or not to buy. Answer my question.


I too am having the same problem. All I wanted was Metal Gear Solid 2, but Microsoft is going to have a MGS 2X, enhanced for it's console at some point the future...which brings me back to square one.

So it comes down to...which will have the better games? But to answer your question - buy. If you're considering it, you must really want it.

You owe me an e-mail too, bitch.

It will be there tomorrow, fucker.

Buy one and while you are at it buy me one too. I really want one.

I already have a PC. What the hell would I need an Xbox for.

Weird. I had the same conversation with Edgar (see above) last night at the bar. I want an X-Box too. If nothing's standing in your way, get it. You won't be happy until you do. You know I'm right.

Stay strong, don't give in.

X-box games will port over to PCs easily as they're using Direct X. But will any young enterprising coder write an X-Bleem? Of course they will.

Don't do it, not even for Halo. (sigh, Halo, if ever a game was worth donating vital organs for...)

Get a gamecube. Nintendo is better. Stay true. word.

Yeah, I'm with Sashley, get a Gamecube.

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