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pardon me while i brag

Pardon me while I brag

Natalie was busy at the computer last week, doing what I thought was her homework. She was secretive about it, so I figured she wasn't doing homework but writing in her journal. I left her alone.

Yesterday she asked me to mail something for her. It was an envelope addressed to "Mayor Guiliani, New York City." I asked her if I could read it and she relented. I'm really proud of her, and I'm sharing it with you because it's my blog and I can do what I want.

Keep in mind she wrote this with no help at all. Typos and grammatical errors intact.

Dear Mayor Guiliani,

Hi, my name is Natalie S. and I am a sixth grade student in East Meadow, Long Island, and I try to help my home, New York, as much as possible at any time for any reason. I am in the Builders Club at school. I have not participated in any activities yet, but I plan on it. I am trying to put together a World Trade Center Fund.

On October 23, 2001, I started looking through some of my pictures of when I went to Washington DC. One picture is whree I was posing with the army statues, another is when I was in front of the big water fountain an da family picture with my cousins. I knew, there were more pictures, but one more important than the others. Yes! The Vietnam Memorial Wall. While I was looking through the newspapers at pictures of the tragedy, I came across some that reminded me of my trip to Washington. "Wow," I said, "these pipes at Ground Zero look like the Vietnam Memorial Wall." THis is when I started to think how I could do something to honor the Firemen, Policemen, Court Officers and all the others who have lost their lives. "We can make it be like the Vietnam Memorial Wall!" I sat myself down to the computer and decided to write you.

The point of this letter is I would think it is a great idea to make a wall for all those who should be honored. I know there is talk about making a memorial to all the victims, but I feel a wall, like the Vietnam Memorial Wall, would be a wonderful and meaningful memoria. IT would make people remember and honor the hero's in New York, Pennsylvania and Washington in teh same way we remember and honor our hero's from Vietnam.

My grandfathre is a retired New York City Fireman, and I think ti would be nice if there is a place he can go to visit with his brother firemen and all the others who are no longer with us. This is just a suggestion that I feel should be considered, because I feel so strong about it. I know that a memorial like this would make my grandfather and all the other people who have lost family and friends, feel like there is somplace to go when they feel the need.

Thank you for your time and for giving my suggestion some consideration.



I mailed it today, with pride.


you should be very proud, indeed. she seems to be taking after her mom. (mind you, i'm not talking about typos.)


michele, you have every right to be proud. what an awesome kid you're raising! give her a big hug for me :)

What a great kid you have! Her letter made me cry...she's awesome :)

You're teaching her well, Michele. Already firing off letters to politicians. That's my kind of girl! :-)

"we got the wall in dc to remind us all

that you can't trust freedom when it's not in yr hands and everyone's fighting for the promised land"

sheeeit, i'm quoting axl again, time for my meds...nurse!

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