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disaster in progress

disaster in progress

In between dealing with attorneys and clerks and a mountain of files on my desk after a two day absence, I have managed to complete 5/6 of my goal of 6 pages per day for my novel. However, I am seriously stuck in the middle of page 6 and I don't think it's going anywhere until tomorrow. Mind you, this novel is not what I intended it to be, the characters I had dreamed about are nowhere to be found, and the plot resembles nothing I've ever had in my brain at anytime. When I say I'm winging it, I really mean it.

I will be putting up a word count on the right sidebar somewhere tomorrow, so you can properly berate me when I am nowhere near the goal of 50,000 come the end of November. I am probably not going to put the work in progress on this site, but if anyone wants to read as I go along and make petty comments and point out critical errors, just leave a comment or email me and I will be happy to send you the thrilling serial installations of "Untitled" as they happen.

Now, I need to go find a stick to poke my writing buddy with, as he hasn't even started yet. That's what I'm supposed to do, right?


you know me, I loooove to point out critical errors... (remember Honk Kong Phooey?) i wanna read along... wait, what's it about? is there any sex in it? if not, i can throw some in for ya... (;

Has the beauty queen given the orphan her pet monkey yet? I really need to know....

Yes, and the evil monkey got loose and attacked a class of 5th graders on a field trip. I need to find a way to introduce cannibalism into the story.

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