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the great missing pumpkin

the great missing pumpkin

Just to let you know, and pretend you care, my big pumpkin is gone. The one we took two hours to carve, according to Martha Stewart's anal-retentive directions, has been swiped. I took a picture of the gaping hole in the perfect fall display I have set up on my lawn.

At least it's not smashed all over the street. But I fervently hope that bad pumpkin karma will catch up with the kid who stole it. I hope his girlfriend breaks up with him today, his dog runs away and someone hacks into his AOL account and uses it to send threatening emails to the president. Do you hear me, pumpkin gods?


Hahahahaha! That's so funny! What? Pixie's breaking up with me? Where's Spot gone? NSA cease and desist notification? What the hell?!

That's just evil. I hope they all itch horribly in places they can't scratch in public.

D, I have Spot. If you ate my pumpkin, I eat your dog. Pixie's for dessert.

Yeah. I took our pumpkin in at night and when we weren't home for that very reason. And then I found him by the curb last night when I came home. The blonde had decided his number was up and set him out with the trash. It was still technically Halloween!!

Sorry your guy got stolen. ...

Ah the rights of passage begin. Prepare to defend your snowmen!

Thanks for reminding me, Edgar. I should tell my snowman story.

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