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pop n fresh

pop n fresh

This is me playing around with pictures and pop ups. Be very afraid, because I am going to inundate you with pictures of flowers, cousins. more cousins, and photoshop experiments.

This is me warming up the scanner. You are doomed.


Hey, I like the natwater.jpg one, looks like a Cezanne, and not just because of the filter you used, but the pose and angles of the picture... although I don't think Cezanne ever did chain-link fences...

i love the upload-to-a-popup feature. great pictures!

Isn't there a new film coming out where the picture's been "drawn over" to make it look like a 2 hour long moving painting?

That film would be 'Waking Life', which was shot in digital video then rotoscoped and weirded out with special software. I enjoyed the effect, mostly. It made my friend Heather motion sick. The backgrounds have a distressing propensity for moving independently of other objects. If you got fucked up watching Blair Witch Project, it's something to consider. Also, the movie is a series of long quasi-philosophical, metaphysical discussions like you used to have in college when you were really stoned. If that appeals...

i agree with dave. natwater's really nice.

Photography... what a wonderful thing to be addicted to. :-)

Very nice work, score another big round of applause for natwater.

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