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Happy fucking Halloween

happy fucking halloween

Will somebody please explain to me why in bloody hell I got up at 4:00 a.m. today? I could have rolled over and gone back to sleep. I could have pulled the covers over my head and dreamed away another hour and a half at least. Oh, no. Not me. This idiot wakes up at 4, so she gets up at 4. It is now 4:41 and I have already done a load of laundry, put the dishes away and killed some frolicking ice skaters with giant snowballs.

Maybe I can't sleep because I am annoyed. I am annoyed 7 ways til Sunday (my mom used to say that, I have no idea what it means, so don't ask).

First of all, I am annoyed at Fox. Yea, that Fox, the one that seems to have misplaced Futurama and Family Guy. Did anyone catch last night's pre-game love letter to New York? I say this as a New Yorker and a Yankees fan: That was the most blatant misuse of air time I have ever seen. It was a Major League Baseball presentation. It should have been..what's the word...unbiased! Yea, yea, I know New York has been through a lot, I know we are suffering, yadda yadda, but the whole fucking world is not full of Yankees fans. Not everyone and his brother are rooting for New York. It is inconceivable to me that a good 5 minutes before a game would be devoted to the underlying message that New Yorkers, the Yankees included, never quit, never give up and by god they are going to win this game and unite the entire free fucking world. Why not just trot out a banner that says "Major League Baseball wants the Yankees to win. Diamondbacks Go Home!" I know, it's not that important in the grand scheme of things, but this whole "I Love New York" thing is starting to wear pretty thin.

Annoyance number 2: Yesterday, I had the opportunity to be standing next to a group of people waiting for their kids to come out of school. One of the fathers apparently works for the FBI. The mothers were hanging around him like he was Elvis Presley, while he stood there rolling out the rumors and threats for everyone to hear. He informed the mothers that today (Halloween) is the day, it's gonna go down, they are 6,000% sure of it, they just don't know where, and on and on and on. First, he should know better than to stand in a schoolyard frightening already paranoid people into running for cover. And he stood there, whispering conspiratorially (is that a word?) as if he was divulging the world's greatest secrets, when everything he told them could have been found out by watching CNN. I think he was just getting off on scaring them.

Annoyance number 3: Natalie came home from school with a letter from her science teacher yesterday, detailing the class trip planned for this year. Please keep in mind that this trip is for 6th graders. 11 year olds. In lieu of taking the kids to the planned outing at the Virginia Space Center in November, they are instead going to the Montreal Space Center. Montreal. Canada. They want to take my eleven year old out of the country for three days? Are they out of their fucking minds? No parents are allowed. Teachers and spouses will supervise (keep in mind I am having issues with this science teacher for promoting the idea of dating to the 6th grade girls, asking them too many personal questions, and trying to set them up with his son). Kids will be 4 to a hotel room with no chaperone staying in the room with them. There are two days when they are on their own for lunch. Yes, it's educational. They get to sleep in a biodome (pause here to shudder at the thought of Pauly Shore) and they will take a gazillion tours of the space station, but I'll be god fucking damned if they think I am going to let my child run loose in Canada. I hate to sound all paranoid, but how the hell did the idea for this trip get passed by the school board considering that these kids are way too young to be on their own and that..hello?? is our country not under high alert? Would you send your 6th grader across the border when we are being warned every day about imminent terrorist attacks? Am I over reacting in the slightest here? Please tell me if I am because I will not call the school board and tell them to have their heads checked then.

Nothing like starting the day off with a little anger, pessimism, frustration and rage. And tonight brings a full moon and a clock that starts ticking down my days to complete my novel.

Scotch and cigarettes, anyone?


I hear that a bunch of people died up in Canada this one time. Like... of old age or something. And they didn't even speak English. Something fishy going on there.

Are you mocking me, D? Fine. Mock away.

i wouldn't let my kids anywhere near the land that gave us celine dion and bryna adams

Hey! there are some great things that come out of canada. Like...uhm.... like..... MICHAEL J.FOX!! and .... uhm....HOCKEY!

I forgot important rule number one for getting along with the opposite sex... if they're awake in the middle of the night, doing housework, mock and die.

I take it back, you're right to be concerned, sounds like the metaphorical people who couldn't organise a piss-up in a brewery.

And William Shatner's from Canada too... if that don't just clinch it.

Gosh Michele... I hadn't realized what a detrimental effect this outpouring of love and support was having on New Yorkers. Although I can understand why. It must be very alien. Well, I'm not going to be part of the problem. I promise only to say nasty things about New York and especially the Yankees to anyone who will listen. A couple friends just got back from NYC and brought me a pad of NYPD stationery. I'm going to write something rude on it right now. If we in the rest of the country don't slag off New York, the terrorists win!

I'm sorry. I was having a moment of selfish anger. I think I was more annoyed at my neighbors, the former Yankee haters, hanging a Yankee banner off their tree than I was at anything else.

Too right! As a Grandmother I would have major reservations about a school trip of that type for my 11 year old grand-daughter!

They NEED proper supervision, careful guidance, and as you say since the whole of the USA is under threat - it is MOST important that you keep your children with you and as safe as possible.

Trying not to over-react, but to view things objectively - yes go on, phone the school & point out your objections.


I like you "Crazy Lady". Will you be my friend? Heh-Heh

As a Canadian(actually spent most of my life growing up in a small town near Montreal) I cannot believe that they are taking grade 6ers that far let alone leaving them unsupervised at anytime. It's very very weird.

what are they, NUTS??!! you call that school board and ream out their asses. damnhell i'm pissed.

When I was in sixth grade, our field trip was a daylong jaunt to a nuclear power plant, where we learned about the wonders of fission and how it was making the world a better place. Hmm.

Hmmm...is Montreal farther than Virginia? And isn't the place in Virginia close to, like, Washington, D.C.? They would probably be safer in Canada!No kids here, so I have no idea about the other stuff, but as far as destinations go it may be OK. The teacher is trying to pimp out his son to his students??? Now that is creepy.

That's what I'm saying. If it was another teacher I may have considered it for more than a second. Anyhow, it looks like they won't even get 50 parents to say ok, and the trip may not go off.

Good. Education is good and all, and I know the Canadian museum would've been nice, but sheesh -- take them to the Vanderbilt Planetarium or something. That's a trip for 11-year-olds...

You Americans and your 'terrorists' and your 'war on terroris'...What does that mean anyway? It's so fuckin' vague.

You Americans and your 'terrorists' and your 'war on terrorists'...What does that mean anyway? It's so fuckin' vague.

I'd say no to the trip....We don't need anymore Americans in Canada (even if they're young and uncorrupted)

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