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so...watcha wearin?

so...watcha wearin?

I come across weblogs every once in a while that have a curious trait. The authors all start off each blog entry with a detailed description of what they are wearing. Usually, it's the blog of a teenage girl I'm reading at the moment, but sometimes it's an older, fashion savvy person. The manner of dress usually involves long, flowing black skirts, silk blouses, lace up boots and mood rings. I think the objective here is twofold: to appear alluring and exotic to their readers, and to get you to buy things from their wishlist because you are so dazzled by their wardrobe choices.

So I thought to myself - Hey! I can do that too!

(the italics are for atmosphere) I am wearing purple and blue Old Navy flannel pajama bottoms that are two sizes too big; men's white tube socks; a ten year old Misfits t-shirt with a hole under the right armpit; a men's grey hooded sweatshirt, one size too small, adorned with dried white paint, coffee stains and a cigarette hole in the sleeve. Today's jewelry choice is a rubber band around my left wrist. My hair style is courtesy of a very windy day. I haven't brushed my teeth since 9am. I may have showered this morning, I don't remember.

Yea. You know you want me. Start buying me shit.


oh yeah, baby! you're starting to get me a little hot and bothered by all that sexy talk!

and hey, there's nothing wrong with mood rings, dammit! i love mine...

You had me at “pajama bottoms that are two sizes too big.” You little minx!

hey, i'm hot & bothered & i'm not even gay! well, mostly not gay. well... but it sounds comfy! yeah that's it.

wroah, do you have to be queer to get all hotted up under the pubes for michele?

geez i hope not... cuz i'm like, straight

well, guys, i am a girl, & she's a girl & ... well, if i've gotta explain it to you ...


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