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who wants to be a novel writer's sidekick?

who wants to be a novel writer's sidekick?

I have two days before I start writing my novel-in-a-month. I have a basic idea of what I'm going to do, but no outline, no discernable plot, and only one character semi fleshed out in my mind. I still can't decide whether to go with a serious fiction angle or dry wit and ironic humor.

I think I'll be better at winging it. Everyone else seems to have a writing buddy to help get them through this, but being the anti-social person I am, I never looked around for one. So it's just me, in my little cocoon, trying to write 50,000 words in 30 days when I am on the edge of a nervous breakdown to begin with.

I'm thinking of putting the chapters on this site as I go. It's not going to pretty. It won't even be strangely attractive. It will be fugly. There will be no editing, no proofreading. Writing 6 pages a day is going to be hard enough to fit into my schedule without going back to edit every typo or syntax error. They encourage quantity, not quality anyway.

So, who wants to be my spiritual guide through this? Anyone want to volunteer to be my sounding board/venting machine? Be warned. Grace under pressure is not one of my virtues. I would ask Justin, but I think he said something about packing up and taking the kids to my moms for the month.


Hey, I just signed up. I'll be your buddy!

Well, I just about signed up, but alas, I flagellated about it too long. Sorry babe.

Thanks John! I hope you know what you're getting into. And Shel, you know that I'm going to be bitching to you about it non stop anyhow. And you'll make me laugh. It's all good.

Even though I am perpetually behind in doing things for my own website, and I didn't sign up officially, I'm going to start a writing project in November as well. However, mine will not have any redeeming value whatsoever- beyond pure entertainment- because I think I'm going to do a serialized novel/soap opera-ish thingie. Well, less like a soap opera, and more like a dramatic TV show, in written form. Episodic drama. That's it! Episodic drama.

i wrote a novel in 3 days once for a 3-day-novel-writing contest. it turned out about as good as you'd expect under those circumstances.

sorry, meant to volunteer as a writing buddy in case you burn john before the month is over.

i didn't sign up, but i'll be happy to be emotional support. :) and editing support, if needed. where shall i send my resume?


No resumes needed. Just a tolerance for bitching, whining and pessism are all that's required. I have it in writing that you all said you would help! There is no escape!

and thank you :-)

Hey, I think I'd be a danged crappy writing coach, but I'd be willing to distract you with scotch as needed... I mean if you weren't all the way in bloody New York. Maybe just never mind... It's the thought that counts tho, right?

Okay, well, i'll be an ear to bitch to. BUT...we finish the website soooooon. (not tonight. I am busy. Masturbating. Yes, it will take me all night. But we'll talk about that later.)

Hey, maybe a masturbating marathon is just what I need to get the creative juices flowing!

I'll be having a drink on you tomorrow night, Phineas. Well, not ON you, but...yea the thought counts.

well, there would be juices flowing for sure.

Please consider me your emergency backup sidekick, just in case the others flake on ya. I have an almost infinite tolerance level for this sort of thing.

For Michele, and anyone else who is doing NaNoWriMo, I set up a little message board for people to vent, share, and probablt vent some more. You can get there from here

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