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last moments

the last moments of a life

On our way to the mall tonight, we headed north down Newbridge Road. Newbridge Road is four lanes of way too fast moving traffic. It's hard for a person to navigate across, and the lights are far and few between, so if you have to cross, you do it patiently and carefully. Imagine how hard it is for a dog to try to circumvent that traffic.

As we neared Hempstead Turnpike, we saw a young man darting through traffic, trying to get across. He wasn't alone. In his arms was a rather large dog, possibly a husky. This man was carrying this dog across the four lanes, and we assumed that the dog had tried to cross, couldn't do it, and the young man saw the dog's dilemna and decided to just take him across himself.

Several hours later, I am sitting here, blogging away, man and dog forgotten. Until now.

About one minute after we passed that scene, the young man tried to make his way back across Newbridge Road. He didn't make it. He was hit and killed by an oncoming car. We know this because my father responded to the scene after hearing the call on his fire radio. When he told my mother later on that a man who had helped a dog across the street died, she knew.

And now all I keep thinking is, I saw him. And when I saw him, it was in the last few moments of his life. Neither he nor I knew that by the time I pulled into a parking spot at the mall, he would be dead. I looked into the face of a man totally unaware that he was about to die. It's very disconcerting to know that you witnessed the last act of a person's life. It's going to keep me up tonight.



that is just so sad...he was helping the dog cross the street and it cost him his life. I had to read that twice to get what you were saying. I guess any day could be our last, and one should try to make each day count. That's what I always say, but man - this story just makes it so concrete. I'm going to believe in Heaven for tonight - if only because that's where I want to think he is now.

I read this this morning and it turned my stomach. It reminds me how true the fact that anything could happen is. My heart's with you. Lets hope we all find some peace before long.

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