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fuck me

fuck me

Fuck me. I have no scotch in the house. You know, I hate scotch. I think it tastes like medicine. But seeing as that I am suffering from a bout of mallergy (see post below), and the only antidote is scotch, I'm fucked. I wonder if a double dose of vodka would do. Maybe wash it down with some NyQuil.

And fuck me again. Will someone please explain to our fearsome leaders why it is not only irresponsible but downright stupid to announce every week that new attacks are imminent? What is it exactly they want us to do? Build a shelter? Buy gas masks? Get last rites? Or do they want us to go about our normal business of avoiding post offices while we keep glancing at the sky for falling objects? I keep hearing their mantras of "we must not bow to terrorists" and "we must resume normalcy" yet they are the ones who are putting the fear of living into us. I am more afraid of the deadly duo of Cheney/Ashcroft than I am of any threat of smallpox. George doesn't even figure into the equation. I may be afraid of clowns, but I have yet to develop a fear of puppets.

Fuck me yet one more time. I just found out from Chris that the Olsen twins will be covering Weezer's Island in the Sun for the soundtrack to their upcoming movie. I don't know whether to laugh or cry or go to the liquor store and get that scotch.

fuck me explained


As strange as the idea of the Olsens doing a Weezer cover is, it was stranger still to click on the link and see the MTV article was written by someone I know.

tsk that mg, what a name-dropper :)

i'd vote for the whiskey. i'm about to have me a beer, just for good measure. maybe three. & i don't even have to go to the mall! it's just for general medicinal purposes.

I wouldn't mind giving the Olsen twins a nip of scotch or three. Are they legal yet? If not, does it count if we're on a beach in Mexico? Um..

and yeah, the warnings are starting to sound like the boy who cried "wolf" ferfucksake. Don't gives us these vague "warnings" just because you want to cover your ass if something happens. I mean, what the hell good does it do to know "another attack of some sort" MAY happen in some unnnamed way in some unnamed place on some unspecified date...sheesh.

:: sing to the tune of "here comes the bride" ::

Go get the scotch...

Go get the scotch...

Go get the fucking scotch...

Go get the scotch! :D

And, yes, it's utterly totally and completely stupid that they're now coming up with new warnings. "A heightened state of alert?" Uh, 'scuse, what the HELL have we all been under then for the past month -- semi-heightened? "Kind of" heightened?


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