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george, the yankees, and me

george, the yankees, and me

Once again, our leaders are exhibiting their schitzophrenic way of dealing with the issues at hand. On one side of their collective brains, we have the daring duo of Cheney/Ashcroft spouting off reasons why we should be afraid. They tell us that the terrorist are among us, living with us, watching us, stocking up on their car bombs and anthrax, wanting us dead. And that other part of their brain, the Bush side, decides that the president should attend a World Series game at Yankee Stadium to show the country that we should not be afraid. So what is guys? Should we be scared or not? Should we be awaiting another terrorist attack, cowering in fear and stocking up on bottled water, or should we go to baseball games and carry on as usual?

Not that it matters to most of us anyhow, because we are for the most part just living our lives in the usual fashion. But it matters in the long run what they say because who can look to our government for

wisdom, safety and advice when one hand doesn't care what the other is doing? If the left brain trust is telling us to fear for our lives, why is the right brain trust telegraphing the president's schedule to the world?

It's great that George feels he is doing the public a favor by going to the Yankee game. Really, I harbor no thoughts that there will be terrorist activity at the Stadium. It's just the point that they are talking

out of their asses on both counts, and if they don't get it together soon and come up with a joint be afraid/be not afraid united front, there is going to be some serious mistrust of our leadership going on around here.

Besides, the real issue here is that George is on record as saying he roots for whoever the Yankees are playing. If he, for even one second, dons a Yankee cap tonight for the showmanship effort of reaching out to New Yorkers, I will personally go the White House myself and kick his Texas ass. If he wants to be a part of the allure of baseball because he misses his good old Texas Rangers days, let him go to Arizona and put on a Diamondbacks cap. I can only speak for myself, but the Yankees do not need GW, or the rest of the free world, rooting for them out of sympathy. I liked it better when everyone hated the Yankees.

I hate Mondays.


Hey, for what it's worth, I still hate the Yankees ... ; )



My favorite story about the Yankees is the 1976 World Series. Did I mention that I'm a Reds fan? ;-)

This is more like it. Bring on the Yankee hating!

I hate the Yankees, too. But not as much as I hate the Mets. Does that help at all?

I knew I like you for a reason, Phineas. I once wrote a 6 page essay on why the 86 Mets were the arch-enemy of the entire free world.

Hey, the Diamondbacks don't want 'im either! Bleah!

Yes, the '86 Mets were the arch-enemy of the world while collaborating with Mr. Bill Buckner, if only because it keeps Bostonians believing in "The Curse of the Bambino" and makes them run around every spring yelling "This is the year!!!" I'd rather they'd've won so I wouldn't have to hear it come late March/early April.

And as far as the Yankees go, while some people say that due to "recent events," the Yanks should win this year to give New Yorkers a nice little morale boost. I say, dammit, the Yankees have won enough World Series. Can't they let someone else win?

First of all, baseball? eh. Give me curling anyday (no, not really). Anyway, for a team that has only been existence for four years to be going up against a dynasty like the Yankees, & to whup ass two games to none like this, warms the coclkes of my heart. Plus, they've got a big unit, you gotta love that. Go Diamondbacks!

John Holmes has a big unit, and you don't see me running around rooting for HIM!

Aww, Michele, you mean you never sit around watching classic porno flicks chanting ‘Go, John, go!’ & humming Who Let The Dogs Out? Oh wait, neither do I. But it's an interesting idea.

I still hate the Yanks. I’m a Mets fan; it is physically impossible for me to root for the Yankees. I can’t exactly root for the D-Backs either, because, com’on, they are the freakin’ Arizona Diamondbacks. As my gf says, “Their uniforms are just so ugly.”

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