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monday rambling

Monday morning madness....

So, what's worse than a Monday morning? A Monday morning where the first thing you see is that the Yankees are down 2-0 in the World Series. And the second thing you notice is you never did turn the washing machine on last night and every pair of pants you own is in there. And it goes on and on like that.

But this is ok. I am pretty much well rested and prepared to kick Monday's ass once again. I will not let the fact that my laundry may not be ready on time deter me from gritting my teeth and wearing a fake smile through most of this day.

The weeks have just flown by, haven't they? Halloween is Wednesday and I still haven't gotten DJ a costume yet. It's a very subdue Halloween around these parts. What is usually a neighborhood dressed to the max with ghouls and witches and a "my decorations are gorier than yours" attitude is suddenly about scarecrows and pumpkins and not much else. Very few houses have the requisite blood, guts and spooky stuff that you normally see here on Halloween. But it could be worse. We could be New Britian, CT., where the bright lights in charge tried to change Halloween to a different day. I kid you not. Every day our nation gets closer and closer to losing its collective mind. Changing the dates of holidays to accomodate potential terrorism is just another sign of that.

Too tired and cynical today to list all my questions and thoughts on our raging war. Hell, I'm not even awake yet.

I'm going to head outside to catch a glimpse of the sunrise and face Monday head on. While I'm gone today, don't believe anything Cheney says. I'll interpret it all for you later with my evil-ometer.


The idiots in charge of deciding to change holidays need their heads examined. How on earth will changing the date stop a terrorist attack? Do they think terrorists donít watch American news?

hell, even if they were able to change the date of the holiday, and the terrorists didn't watch the news... would that make any difference? say, they changed halloween to the 28th, and the terrorists attacked on the 31st... would we really say "a-HA! at least you didn't get us on Halloween!"?!?!? an attack is an attack!

Ah, but you're omitting the disorientation factor. I don't know about you, but just setting my clock back by a single hour a couple days ago still has me confused. Think what a whole day or two would do, terrorists included. It's brilliant.

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