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Blog Me? Blog YOU!

Blog Me? Blog YOU!

In the interest of fairness, I will report that this weblog received a somewhat less than stellar review on Blog You.

Here's to mediocrity. Mine, of course.


how come yu get all the good publicity?

I have a blog agent.

I hate those blog review sites with a passion. They come and peruse your site for about twenty minutes and list all sorts of shit that plays a small, if not insignificant part in your life, and think they know someone well enough to offer a review.

Good or bad, they're almost always inaccurate because of that. It's a total waste of web space.

Um, yeah. What Candi said.

Why is it someone else says what I want to say FIRST? Saves me the breathe and carpal tunnel syndrome, at least.

I love your site, Michele. And so do all your fans. That's what matters. :)

Down with blog review sites!

Down with blog review sites! I couldn't agree more.

is pissed off

what a completely innacurate and shitty review.

I'm with the above. I have yet to read a blog review that has impressed me, either by the illiterates at the Weblog Review, or by these guys of the misguided too-clever-for-rational-argument school. And how do they get off stealing the old filmgeek's celebhead rating system?

Your site's always among the first two or three I check, Michele. There's your weblog review.

Damn straight. blog review sites have absolutely NO place in the modern diet of online viewing. All weblog reviewers should be sterilized and put on an island, out of the way of the rest of us hard-working folk.


I am still waiting to earn my Kieffer from Tom and Ed.

You’re in good company Michele. They gave Heather Champ a bad review too. Go figure.

Ahhh, just flick a booger at em.

Ms. Champ did not receive a bad review (or, to be more precise, she did not receive a pair of bad reviews). She received three Dons from me and two and a half Dons from Tom, hardly what I would call pans. Not that it matters or anything, given that the site is satirical in nature, but I just felt the need to clarify for those silly souls who seem to interpret our site as actual criticism. Go figure.

Satirical ones are the weirdest to review. How do you not take seriously what already doens't take itself seriously?

I would hereby like to reject the Donalds that I received. I heard that Blog You is put together by 14 year old girls in a sweatshop in Indiana, who make less than a dollar an hour.

On behalf of those girls, and on behalf of my own conscience, I am turning down the measley amount of Donalds I was given.

Please, someboday join me in chorus of "Redemption Song."

there are five pumpkins for you over at Feral Living, michele (five is good)

I would say you get five bullets from me... but it sounds like a threat. So instead here's a seal of approval. He's a performing seal and he doesn't eat much, just fish.

emancipate yrself from bloggin slavery oooh

none but yr blog can save your mind

have no fear from donald energy

none of them got windows blinds

how long must you pimp xp

while we stand aside and look

some say you are a beotch,

who wiped my email from banned books

won't you help me sing....

If they gave out awards to blogs with the strangest readers, I would win hands down. Pumpkins, dancing seals and parody songs are far better than anything to do with Donald.

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