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The Six Thousand Project:

"Our culture experienced a massive shock when the September 11th attacks took place. Since then I have been trying to grasp the immensity of the death and destruction caused by those tragic acts of violence, and failing. Other people I have spoken to express similar difficulties. I am responding in the way that comes most naturally to me: visually.

I am inviting people to join in a collaborative artwork that will attempt to make clear what "six thousand people lost" actually means.."

I'm not much of an artist, but I know a lot of you are. Please check this out. [found at harrumph]


a local radio station did a human american flag comprised of the exact number of people known missing or dead at the time, several weeks ago. i've not gotten into the flag waving, but that was... well, i saw it in passing on TV & i have tears in my eyes just remembering.

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