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the more things change

the more things change..

I'm thinking about the differences between my childhood Saturday mornings and my adult Saturday mornings. And you know what? There's not much difference. Maybe I just watch different cartoons now, and I'm drinking coffee instead of orange juice, but Saturday morning still means hanging out in my jammies for as long as possible, putting off chores, playing games and fighting with my siblings.

I honed my procrastination skills on Saturday mornings as a young girl, waiting until the last minute to make my bed or do my share of the vacuuming or dusting. I blew off school projects in favor of Secret Squirrel, H.R. Pufnstuf or Hong Kong Phooey. I sat mesmerized in front of the tv when I was 12, playing Pong until my mother threatened to ground me.

So here I am, an adult with my own home, my own children, my own chores to dole out. And what do I do on Saturday mornings?

I hone my procrastination skills to the level of Master. I wait until the last minute to do the dishes or fold the clothes or take a shower. I blow off projects I need to complete in favor of Sponge Bob Square Pants and, (yes!), reruns of Hong Kong Phooey. I blog, I chat on AIM, I stare mesmerized while I play Atomica until Justin threatens to leave me. And I will fight with one of my siblings at some point today, if not my mother.

In a lot of ways, it's the same as it ever was. Back then we had the Vietnam War and air raid drills and fear of Russia. I never remember it stifling my childhood urge to play games and eat cereal in front of the tv. The obliviousness of a child. I want that back.

So if you're looking for me today, I'll be by the television, watching cartoons and eating Quisp in my feetie pajamas. Anyone up for a game of Ants in the Pants?


They make adult size footsie pajamas??????

Ohhhhhh...QUISP!!!! They still make that??!!?? Remember his buddy Quake? You bring over Ants in the Pants, and I'll break out Rock'em Sock'em Robots!!!!

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hello, i was wondering where i can get my grubby little paws on some adult size feetie pajamas.

thanks alot.

If anyone found the adult footsies, I too would like a pair....

I bought a pair of feety pj's in Target. however only in sizes s,m,l,xl.

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