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fright fest

fright fest

CNN Headline: Pentagon: 'All of our forces' to be used in war

I really, upon first glance, thought that said "All your forces are belong to us"

And Ashcroft has taken a page from the book of Evil Dick Cheney (you know, that book entitled 'Frighten them Into Submission') by laying on the fright very thick."Terrorists live within U.S. borders plotting, planning, waiting to kill Americans again," was his astute quote this week. Didn't George say something about not panicking? Not giving in? Living normally? Maybe he should call a meeting with is chosen henchmen and discuss the plan, because they are not working on the same wavelength here. Work it out, guys. Telling the nation to treat each other with respect and not mistrust each other on the basis of ethnicity runs directly opposite to telling us that terrorist live among us and want us dead. Ashcroft and Cheney are egging us on while Bush tells us to calm down. Passive-aggresive leadership, anyone?


Might be passive-aggressive. Might also be that they didnít want George W. peeing his pants on camera if he knew the truth.

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