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blink and it's over

blink and it's over..

I apologize for the proliferation of kid related posts this week. It's just been that kind of week.

Natalie's romance was short lived. I picked her up from the Halloween Dance and could tell by the look on her face that she was pissed. There was a crowd of girls around her, whispering and giggling and consoling. I got the goods when we got into the privacy of the car. In Natalie's own, somewhat coherent, words"

"Oh. My. God. As soon as I got there all he kept saying was 'so should I make the first move? Do you wanna kiss me' and I was like, uhhh..whatever. I mean, I am ELEVEN. I'm not ready to move that fast. And he was, like, all about kissing and ugh. So all the girls, right, they kept coming up to me and telling me, 'dude, what ARE you doing with HIM? He's like.. a jerk.' Like, they couldn't tell me this BEFORE I went out with him? So I like, ignored him and then he came up to me and was all like 'are you mad at me' and I kept saying 'I don't know, I'll think about it,' because if you say 'yea I'm mad at you' then, well you know how guys like that are, they'll just follow you around going 'I'm sorry, I'm sorry' cause they think you'll feel bad and go, 'ok, you can kiss me.' So I didn't say anything cause then he would leave me alone while I thought about it and I just danced and stuff and then he came up to me and said 'screw you' and I said 'could you possibly be any more of an idiot??' Like I do NOT need this pressure in my life right now."

All spoken in one run on sentence in under one minute.

I promise. No more kiddie posts for the next 24 hours.


This is wonderful.

Ahh, to be ELEVEN again, or, on second thought, maybe not.

This is one smart, strong young woman. It's sad to hear that guys are so jerky but encouraging to hear that young women are up to dealing with them. I'm sure she felt rotten but she can feel good about herself for not being pressured by this creep.

ohhhhhhhh she sounds so cute and yet so grown up!


She rocks! Right on!

go nat...sh's got her head screwed on that girl, even if it is up in the clouds most of the time.

It's a sign that you're a good mom, babe. :)

Yeah, I meant to say that part, too. I'm proud of her!! Obviously you've done great things with her.

a much needed giggle. damn, if only some of my sixteen-year-olds were that strong!

I've got 10 more years, but I hope my girls are just like that when they're 11! :o)

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