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what the hell is that noise?

what the hell is that noise?

Please. Somebody. Help me. DJ came home from school with his recorder today. He has to practice 15 minutes every night, until the concert. In June. That's 8 months from now. If I haven't had a nervous breakdown yet, this may be the proverbial straw.

Natalie played the recorder in 3rd grade. At her concert, in addition to the usual folk ditties and the Titanic theme, they played Gangster's Paradise. When played on the recorder, Coolio comes off exactly like Celine Dion.

Anyone got a spare room for rent until June?


15 minutes! Boy, did you luck out. I was supposed to wail away on that thing for an hour at least. Hopefully, he'll be like me and just give it up after a week or so. And then he and a friend will get into somebody's power tools and saw the thing in half.

i just remember having to play "hot cross buns" over and over and over again.

Hey there girl! C'mon down to sunny sydney Australia! I got a spare room here for ya.....

yay, then you could do a fire inside, wherein the world is michele, with webshots of everyone's couch..mind you, it's getting fucking hot, so you might have to trade off some of that comfort.

cellar? attic? bathroom? i usually practice my tin whistle in the car, at red lights.

I don't know if I'm ready to hear you practice the cello, Miguel. NOt from the way you describe it either. And thanks for the Australia offers, but I HATE summer.

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