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which way?

which way?

Wow, I really messed up this time thing. The previous post was not made at 9:30 p.m. on Wedensday. Unless I hit a time warp when I ran to the bathroom. Someone help me. Candi, Shel? Can one of you go in and change it for me because my mathematical reasoning seems to have left me.

Due to my effort to stay away from the news, my morning blog is severely diminished. Which is fine because I can't seem to find any news unrelated to 9-11 anyhow, and I know no one wants to read any more of that than necessary. I feel that this blog has become more content-driven rather than link-driven. Maybe I should bring back the amusements page, where I would put all the freaky links? Do you miss the days when I would have a lot of links or do you like the direction this has gone in? Truthfully, I like writing more than linking to what others have written, but I also miss running around the web gathering odd and horrifying things. In which case, the return of the amusement page would come in handy. Do you ever feel like you are watching someone have a conversation with themself? This would be one of those times. Feel free to eavesdrop and/or chime in at any time. Tell me what to do because I damn sure cannot make a decision on my own these days.

I am in a much better place today, by the way. Let's hope I can stay here. All it takes is one bad driver to blow my good karma away.


I've only ever known your blog in this incarnation, and I vote to keep it more journal-y. Otherwise you'd throw off my daily blogging routine's balance. :)

I think you should bring back the amusement page, but leave this one the way it is. Cause it was fun.

i seriously miss the odd and horrifying links--however, i've been enjoying your more journal-style entries. mho. :)

I agree with everyone I like the journaly type, but the amusements could go on another page. ;-)

I'm a complete moron. Don't listen to a damn thing I say. Ever. Well, except for this particular comment...

My server (kroh.net) is in Florida. My graymatter offset is -1, because that's how I get it to display in

Central Standard Time. Given that all the DreamHost servers are in the Los Angeles area, your offset

should be 3. I think. Actually, I'm pretty damn sure it should be three.

You make a good mix of links and involving content; carry on!

You have a good mix of links and involving content; please do carry on!

great--sorry about that double post!

I have just started reading your weblog and I enjoy it immensely. In answer to the question in this post - keep writing. Weblogs that have lots of links become boring after awhile. Reading about the minutiae of someone's life, whether it be kids, work, feelings about the NY tragedy is infinitely more interesting, and in your case, insightful and amusing.

I implore you to keep writing.

Have a good one...


sure, bring back the amusements page, but please keep your blog AS IS. in the order of "things i do once i get online", you're RIGHT after checking my email...

i wonder what woulda happened had your boss asked for a napkin (and if you wore pads)....?

I like reading the journal type stuff because you are interesting and funny. You don't just write "I had a tuna fish sandwhich for lunch today. Boy it was good" like ao many other people do.

It seems kind of pointless to say I like content over links, at least your content, since everyone else has beat me to it. But I'll say it anyway: I like your site this way. Links are okay but I'm here for you. If all I wanted were links I could go to a million other crappy sites.

Looks like I will be carrying on im much the same way I am now, with an added amusement page eventually. Thanks for the kind comments, everyone.

You... I... oh, forget it. Jesus, gotta be on your toes around this place.

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