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party central

party central..

Despite what the date up there says, it's Thursday, Oct. 25. I'm pretty sure it's 2001. Which means tomorrow is Friday. Which means it is only 3 days until my parents' anniversary party. DO NOT PANIC. It's to the point where I just want this over with, and I probably will not enjoy a second of the party because I will be too busy making sure everyone else is enjoying every second of the party. Thursday also means that tonight is the Halloween Dance at Natalie's school and that was a non-issue until yesterday. Now that she has a "boyfriend" do I need to give her a small lecture before the dance? Christ, when I was eleven I hated boys. I thought they were evil, horrible beings who served no purpose except to annoy the hell out of me. Never outgrew that stage, I guess. But my point is, is it really necessary to give an eleven year old a lecture about appropriate behavior with boys? Come on, did you care about dating when you were eleven? Who put the growth hormones in our kids' milk?


I did.

bloody bryans, doping the kids milk...

anyway, i was on my knees in the boys toilet at the age of 8, so by 11 i was over the whole dating thing...not much help i guess...good thing i don't have kids, really...

That's possibly the most disturbing post I've read thusfar...

we're whipping em again michele ;-)

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