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Have you seen the ads for the new movie 13 Ghosts? The movie's advertising campaign revolves around these facts: It has gore, violence, nudity and foul language. The hidden message here is thus: the film has no plot and it sucks, but we guarantee you will see some titties, the word "fuck" will be used a lot and your parents will be horrified that you saw it. Looks like a box office smash to me.

Speaking of movies, I am in the process of rounding up our Halloween marathon. Generally, we watch the same movies every year. Dead Alive, Evil Dead, Cemetery Man and Night of the Living Dead.

This year, we would like to add one to our list. The classic Night of the Lepus. Giant killer bunny rabbits. The worst special effects you could imagine. Laughable in it's sincerity. Quality viewing all around.

So what's your favorite movie for Halloween?


But if I told you "I haven't seen Evil Dead 2 yet...

Honestly, I think I like "Evil Dead 2" better. But "Army of Darkness" is my favorite out of the trilogy. "Hail to the king, baby."

AOD is absolutely my favorite, but it doesn't have that Halloween feel.

I keep seeing the 13 Ghosts preview and every time, I think it's going to be a parody. It doesn't help that it's got that guy from Scream in it. It also doesn't help that it looks almost exactly like that awful 1999 remake of The Haunting.

Your website seems to exist in a state of temporal flux.

Its the same creators as that awful Haunting remake. That spells trouble.

Monster in the Closet - if you want bad special effects in a bad B-movie, this is it, baby! This is the worst horror flick ever made!

Has anyone else seen the original 13 Ghosts? That scared the shit out of me as a kid. I had never seen anything scarier. Almost as bad as the summer program at the Baptist Church down the street, which had me wetting the bed.

yr forgetting basketcase and motel hell.

The Willies.

You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll puke, you'll die!

It is complete and total cheese but

it has that kid from the goonies in it.

Oh geez. If you're willing to go with Night of the Lepus why not just go all the way and get Ed Wood's 'Bride of the Monster'? Can rampaging bunny rabbits compete with Bela Lugosi flailing himself with a giant rubber octopus after deflecting bullets with his eyebrows? Of course not.

Ok, I've added that one to my list. The rubber octopus sold me.

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