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Bloggin and Buggin

Bloggin and Buggin

Well those Waffle House chili cheese fries never materialized. Because the bugs did first. We noticed the little things that looked suspiciously like termites outside of the restaurant. But we went in anyhow. We noticed them on the floor when we first got in, but the waitress assured us it was just because the door was open. She led us to a table, as Natalie whispered that she wanted to leave, and I was about to argue with her because I was so hungry and would have eaten bug souffle at that point. Then I saw the bugs on the table. I informed the waitress we would be leaving. She swiped the bugs off the table with her hands and said there was nothing to worry about. Right. We left. We went to the diner and as we were walking in, we saw them outside again. The bugs. Same kind. It's a plague. We canvassed the place before we sat down and were able to enjoy our meal bug free. Bug Free, The Way to Be.

I'm tired and brainless. So in lieu of thinking of something profound or witty to say regarding anything at all, I'll just tell you what I found while blogging around.

Someone buy me this shirt for Christmas. Thanks. [link from red dwarf]

Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

Dave and I get busy being ironic.

My new theme song

I fucked Jill Matrix. Before Jish did. I don't do sloppy seconds.

That's it. Must watch the Yankees make Lou weep.


Jish didn't really fuck Jill Matrix. He was only posing.

He DIDNT??? You think he at least got to third base?

I only go to second base with boys I just met. That's nothing below the waist. His waist, not mine.

Not that there's anything necessarily wrong with sloppy seconds... as long as you have a bucket of soapy water and a washcloth convenient. Am I incriminating myself here?

You incriminated yourself long before this post, Fredo. ;)

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