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a perfect fit


I love greymatter. It's delicious. I'm still fooling around with it, so please excuse the mess while we fix the place up. You may now rate an entry in addition to leaving comments. And don't get cute. Only one rate per IP address. You may NOT negative vote me 100 times, thank you. That means you, Mr. Falwell.

So earlier today I was looking for something to do. In order to do nothing, one must have something to do while doing nothing. I can't just sit there and stare at the walls. So I decided to read. I needed something light, which let out No Logo, Fast Food Nation was boring me, and I left Choke at work. And then I saw it. It was in the bathroom, next to yesterday's comics and a skateboard catalog. DJ's book. Captain Underpants and the Wrath of the Wicked Wedgie Woman. This is the fifth in the Captain Underpants series. This is the first one I picked up to read. Well, no wonder he loves these books. The humor is so juvenile, so low class and disgusting, that I couldn't put it down. Fart jokes! Bathroom humor! Comics and flip-o-rama included! And, one of the characters in the book is named Miss Anthrope. I sat outside, smoking and reading and was done with the book in about 25 minutes. It was just what I needed, exactly when I needed it.

I think the whole country could use a few good fart jokes right about now.


I myself made the change not so long ago and cast off Blogger. Blogger which got me started on the scene is a wonderful tool and I love it and would promote it to anyone. Greymatter just offers so much more customizability and functionality. Anyways long comment just to basically say welcome to the GM community.

Nice Comment Guys.

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