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Homeland Ethnic Profiling Committee

Peggy Noonan: Homeland Ethnic Profiling Committee

I've had just about enough. While half the country is going around saying that we must not start ethnic profiling, we must not think of all "middle eastern looking" people as terrorists, the other half is acting like writer Peggy Noonan. This article only feeds the fire of the idiots who want to round up every person of Arab descent and lock them away for the duration of this "war." (all quotes in italics are Ms. Noonan's)

Suddenly to our right, on the sidewalk, we saw two "Mideastern looking men," as we all now say. They were 25 or 30 years old, dressed in jeans and windbreakers, and they were doing something odd. They were standing together silently videotaping the outside of St. Pat's, top to bottom. We watched them, trying to put what we were seeing together. Tourists? It was a funny time of day for tourists to be videotaping a landmark--especially when the tourists looked like the guys who'd just a few days before blown up a landmark

I don't know any terrorists, but I do know that most of them aren't going to conduct their operations in plain view of people.

My son is surfing Internet chat rooms last Sunday and goes to a conservative site, where he sees an interesting thing. A man or woman has written in to say--again I paraphrase--"The oddest thing happened at work the other day. I work at a petrochemical company, and these two Mideastern looking guys come in and say they want to videotape the inside of the plant for a college course they're taking. They were approached and asked for identification by the manager. They became surly, angry, and left. Later the manager phoned the school they claimed to be students at--and they weren't even registered!"

Yes. I put my faith in stories that I hear in internet chat rooms devoted to conservatives. Can we say "conspiracy theorists?"

I think cell members have been going around taking home movies of potential targets. I suspect they've been downloading them into computers and shooting them off to Osama and his lieutenants in the caves.

I think you've been smoking crack. They take years to quietly plan and pull off the WTC, which our country's intelligence had no clue about, and now they are videotaping their targets in public view and sending the files over the internet?

In the past month I have evolved from polite tip-line caller to watchful potential warrior.

You've become a fucking nutjob.

But you know what? I think we're in the fight of our lives, and I think we're going to need their patience. And I think those who have not yet developed patience are going to have to grow up and get some.

Yes. Let's all go out and do some ethnic profiling and pass it off as patriotism or whatever you are calling your bigoted, arrogant pleas for hatred. Grow up and get some patience? Some of these people you are talking about are actual citizens of this country. Many of them were even born here. They are entitled to all the rights you want to be afforded. That does not mean they have to stand by and take one for the team while they are stared at pointed at and accused. After Oklahoma, were you calling in tips to the FBI every time you saw a young white man driving a Ryder truck?

This is not the time nor the place to be spreading your ignorance. Actually, there is never a time nor a place for those who think like you. Blind mistrust is what got us here in the first place. You should really be ashamed. But something tells me you're not.


Yay! Greymatter! Yay!


Peggy Noonan is right! We are in the fight for our lives and need to use every tool in our arsenal to fight islamic terrorism by arabs.

You may not have such a keen desire to live as I do, hence you may be making fun of her legitimate concerns. I am emailing the link for Peggy's eye opening article to all my friends.



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