i know, everything is wack
i know, everything is wack
To All the Jews I've Loved Before
There's always room for Jello and/or Nomar!
Still Kosing Trouble: Wonkette Edition
He can really rock like a magikist*
question and psa
bow down
Sorry, Jim
Kos and Effect
More Joogling, Sandler Style
Joogling: Googlebombing as Activism
Better Late Than Never
Riddle Me This, Zapatero
Terror Alert: Yellow DoublePlusGood!
Song 2 of 5: In Which Morrissey is Pathetically Lovelorn
And yet, another quiz
Last Post on Kos
And on a lighter note..
Reading for Comprehension, Lesson 2
80's Lyrics: The Answers/PSA
An Addition to the Blogger Family
Beth's Question of the Night
The Missing Songs
The Daily Coward
too many songs in my head
animals strike curious poses
Sometimes, Anti-War means Anti-Peace
Tonight's Moment of Zen
the closest I'll get to being famous
thought of the night
Song One of Five
The Gloves are Off
Wizbang Baby
There's no fool like a moonbat fool
Tonight's Moment of Zen
You taste better now than you did back then
now and later
same rant, different day
Parts of a Whole
four more years!
Reviving the SQotD with the FSYCLW
Tonight's Moment of Zen
Let it be Written
1976, Stephen Green and Rockets Red Glare
The Tuesday WTF: Condi Edition
I've Got Two Words For You
Sorry Seems to be the Hottest Word
limericks and pictures
your moment of zen
It's Limerick Time! (Dead Terrorist Edition)
Monday Morning Malaise
WTF? What is wrong with you people?
almost there....
They're right about Gattaca
Fun with Photos
the left redefines the word "victim"
Word of the Day
mea culpa
Nobody's right if everybody's wrong
i'm funnier than he is. i hope.
The Weekly Unappreciated Friday Night Post
I Can Be Just as Boring as Kottke
From the PETAfiles, vol. 26
Fool You Once
Have Yassin Chris?
Thursday's Bookmark Clearance Sale
crawling on his belly
would you like some fries with those rolls, kid?
apologies and a stream of crap
And out of the darkness, the Zombie did call*
An Ode to Richard Clarke by way of Dead or Alive
In which I make up a story about Frank Miller
I'm gonna miss you...
I'm guessing it wasn't a pig
Almost Home
Fear and Self-Loathing in America
Q&A #5: Jolly Time
You Could Be Mine
thinking out loud
Link Mining
Ask A Silly Question...
questions, commissions and crashes
Mo' Questions, Mo Answers
Get Me Off This Crazy Thing: Smiling Bob v. The Shower Head
Get Me Off This Crazy Thing: Answers
Get Me Off This Crazy Thing
A Dangerous Mind
pixie dust, pizza and pesach
reading lessons
quick turnaround
The Links
Have No Fear
something old, something new, an earache and some links for you
Jesus, Snails and Me
Do They Hear What I Hear?
Speak of the Devil
No what for what??
What He Said
Kicking Zombie Ass for the Lord
now playing
Sometimes it's what you don't say that matters
spontaneous combustion
TCP Wants You (to join our birthday celebration)
The Command Post: One Year Old and Still Kicking
there's news over there
naming names
no more wires
Blogging goes Boom
while you were out
What year is this, anyhow?
On Second Thought
Open Discussion: One Year Later
Never Again
Hide the Credit Cards
Believe it.....or not
on a lighter note....
your time is gonna come
A shot for me, a shot for Damon
The Rock: A St. Patrick's Day Story from my Misguided Youth
I take back that headline of the day award
more voices
The missing News
i always depended upon the kindess of not-quite strangers
Headline of the Day
point #1
The Stepford Blogs
By the way...
silence is golden
The Tiger or the Lady
Afternoon Mix: Zen, meat, Australians news, I'm Rick James, Bitch and An opening between the legs
Stain of Mind
The word of the day is: dhimmitude
200 or 11, it's horrifying just the same
boxes, boxes everywhere
point/counterpoint: today's required readings
Operation Hook
Are You Feeling This?
Bombers possibly caught
Two Days Until Meat Day
The Last Word
This Blog Brough to You By Tums(c)
Million Mourner March
whomp, there it is
The Despair Factor
Winds of Black Hate
say uncle
thou doth protest too much
reach out
so close....
stalking Looking for the Prez
it's everyone's war
Delayed by Terrorism
Acme, the President and Me
A Tale of Two Eggs
Citing Precedent
Ain't That a Punch in the Head?
Ninjas, WTF and Sister Christian: Your Morning Mix
The Little Known Subsection of the First Amendment Where Ted Rall Gets to Have his Comic Published Without Ever Being Fired
Contains Nudity, Violence and Smoking
the devil is dead
the thingie in the thingie with the thingie
WTF movies
drugs are bad......mmmkay?
Those Krazy Krips*
Book Contest Winner
All this and Richard Nixon's Head
Presented Without Commentary
in a bunch
The Defense Rests
losing our mojo
reading between the lines
and the phrase of the week is....
How Egg-citing!
All Iraqis are equal in their rights without regard to gender, sect
The Polls Are Open
Just Saying...
Theirs, Mine, Ours
Bitchslap Ted Rall Day is Back!
Worth Defending
site news
On Campaigns, 9/11 Widows, the Media and Reading Between the Lines
Meat Loves Us All
Attention Hosting Matters Clients
pick your pacino
ride of the valkyries
Blood is a Big Expense
celebrity meat endorsements #1
meat, it does the body good
Dear Abby, From Homer: One contest continues, another one begins
The Day the Klan King Wore Laura Ashley Sheets
who needs classmates.com?
ted rall is not eating garbage for dinner tonight
stern and the secret underground cabal
Ventriloquism, Lileks style, or: How I learned to stop worrying and love the foreign policy
and whatnot
one man's amputee is another's 9/11
good thing, because i was tired of getting my protein the other way
from out of nowhere
the word 'endorse' looks funny when you type it often
Ted Rall is Being Crushed by THE MAN!
books. contest. prize.
i'm here to rescue your brain
i am totally against this
it's a cruel world, after all
adam curry, contraceptives and peanut butter
Dennis Rodman, cricket, the evils of soda
more endorsements
maybe hill, but not bill
in which i discuss girlie things
for the record: my endorsements
say it ain't so
addressing issues
First, I quote someone else
calm before the storm
I am Caligula, hear me roar!
it's ugly, little head*
By the way
where i'm at
i am ninja, hear me roar
presented without commentary
my mom rocks
a blogger's work is never done
He probably wears a Saints jersey
impolite discourse
he's laughing at you, not with you
i might like you better if we slept together
jeepers creepers
No wonder I don't know any of those movies
Oh boy. It's Oscar Night. Yay.
red spades/black hearts
the real meaning of leap day
to make a long story short
school daze
A simpons blogosphere challenge
Number One in the Hood, G
and now for something completely different
lights out, guerilla radio
open discussion on fma
burn, baby, burn
Searchin’ for light in the darkness of insanity
dance card
helping hand
first there was 2/26
the emotions of politics
Clear Channel
a new addition to the ASV family
Adventures in Clear Channel Babysitting (Updated)
for the five of you reading who care
the answer

SQoTD: Makin' out With Harley Quinn
you say you want an evolution
how i helped my daughter with her studies in a roundabout way
retraction of a comment
side note
one word, a million denials (Updated)
Delay of Game
runs through your fingers just like sand
showing you mine
in the cards
in the cards
site issues
fire in the sky
amuse yourself while i have a liquid lunch
what song is it you want to hear?*
i'm getting to it
no sex in my city
One Thing
George Lucas is still an ass, v.451
speaking of dave grohl
Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, Part 2: Darlin' Prince
The 2004 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductees: A Review
the devil made me do it
too much time on my hands
The Passion of Christ's Money Making Machine
bald is beautiful
it's only just begun
morning rush - trivia answers
One More Quiz
my kingdom for a sneaker
Little Metal Man
The Big E
Horrible Quote of the Day
link o the day
all filler, no killer, v.235
i now pronounce you arrogant
that's my idol
If, when, why, what?
High School Poetry: Things that should have been burned a long time ago
jesus christ pose
The truth behind the Disney/Muppet Deal
am i evil?
a template, a template! my kingdom for a template!
a g-g-g-g-ghost! (and a QOD*)
dig the new digs
The value of one link (and why I'm really not liking the A-Rod deal as much as you think)
no boobies for you!
I'm going to stop being an ass, now
george's deal with satan finally pays off
nothing to fear but the fearmakers
long day's night
Happy Birthday, Natalie
life is like a box of movies
presented without commentary.
from me to you
Valentine #2: On the Rebound
When cupid knocks at your door, you can't ignore
do you want to play a game? (lyrics version)
Where's Larry and Curly?
bring out your dead!
I've been profiled!
"Damn... watch the beat!"
about that kerry leak
on special request: Electioneering, v.2
Drudge forgot to take his meds again
a legend in my own mind
i dream of angelina
it's gonna be too late to bring you back
skeletons of society
i'll haunt you forever
I'll be with you eventually
Tales From the PETA-Files, vol. 25
self advertising
Contest Time: My Name is Lucas
sorry about the mess
fear and loathing in the suburbs
your kids are fat, lazy republicans
my valentine lesson
today's amusement brought to you by stewie
frog in a blender
The Blogosphere Exit Poll (an experiment)
creepy valentines, vol. 2
dave winer explains dean's demise
kids say the damndest things
Sacre Blue!
Russert, Bush and Optimus Prime: My One Issue Vote Has Been Cast
open audition for greeting card writers
inside baseball
caucusses? caucii?
In which I come to the same conclusion as Lileks, but learn my lesson the hard way
choose your own (blogging) adventure
morning observation on last night's tv
everything looks like this after a few shots, anyhow
Pink Cadillacs for You and Me
trapped in reality (a cry for help)
Catching up: Fate, cable, wife swapping and shape shifting meat
Use Your Illusion II
Rock On
Only 10?
Showing My Age
Jane's All-Time Rock List
gigglechick's little list
Jeff's CD
songs I Love
Your Rand McNally of Rock
JimSpot Rock CD
Alex Moon's CD
skippystalin's Ultimate Rawk 3
Ferro Lad's Mixology
what a boob
skippystalin's Ultimate Rawk 2
Brendan's Mix
My CD list
First Time, Long Time...
JustLisa's List
Time/Life ain't got nothin' on me
OK, So I'm Old
Kevin's Old Guy Rock
A Rock Collection, by the Limey Brit
Anastasia's Ultimate CD Version 1
Marty's ten songs
Mouse's Ultimate Rock CD
Well, *I* Think It's Rock
Mystery Guest's CD
Jay's Rock CD
I Don't Rock
A Couple Of Tips
Steve's Rock CD
Rockin' with Eddie T.
Hard Times Rock
My KTEL Wet Dream
skippystalin's Ultimate Rawk
The Ultimate Rock CD: Open Mic Day
what the hell am i doing here
i'm a creep
She's Going To Kill Me
Worst. Week. Ever.
oh baby, baby
electric bugaloo
Up with People!
we interupt this sickness to bring you an important notice
Open Discussion: Reunited and it feels so good
PSA to my wonderful guests
The shocking surprise
Just Because...
February 1, 2003
Day 2 of the Small Victory Telethon
The devil on her shoulder
station break
and a little musical interlude
Open Discussion: love/hate relationships
Squeezed Out
life's the same, I'm moving in stereo mono
11 years ago today...
Disney: Dead on Arrival
predicting dean
Does he think money grows on trees?
Word to the Wise
A Small Victory: Three Years and Still Blowing Smoke Up Your Ass
is it spring yet?
Great Expectations: The Valentine's Day Letdown Syndrome
there will always be more
Gnome Chomsky?
He's a Rainbow in the Dark
of vaginas and valentines
treacher's pet/primary goodness/jumping on james/ice, ice baby/
the more you know, the more you know
bloggers that make you go mmmmm......
this is not the virus you are looking for
cesaro summability
Dreaming of Michael Moore
the big crush
link terrorism
Mighty Septopus
note to my dear husband
Let's Talk About: Scott Baio
how to annoy alan in one easy lesson
Dowd translator needed
test of the textile system
site notes
the new york times: your ultimate source for getting chicks into bed
experiment: success!
Another Bathroom Puzzler
Why Do Toilet Lever Nuts Screw Backwards?
Silly Commercials

Plastic Surgery Disasters
Senior Girls Dance Night
Tragic movie that never was
Hairy confession
bad movies anon
Can you hear me now?
Why I'm a Republican
a short tale of mice and unmentionables

Is this thing on?
Whatever Happened to Fay Wray?
Purple Reigns (and Brian Kinney is my LOVE)
Whatever happened to New Coke
Whatever Happened to Saturday Night?
Return of the Son of Pop Culture True Confessions
Drunken Confession #3
To Clear up a Misconception
Bums need the Money
Confessional confidentiality
Reminder/Just so you know what's going on here
Pop Culture True Confessions 2
As Long As We're Confessing
naming names
You Think That's Bad?
Howard Dean killed Captain Kangaroo?
This just makes me happy
Caption Kerry
Pop Culture True Confessions
Wow, I Missed The Last One
open mic night, vol. 2: this time it's personal (sort of)
Picking My Presidential Prom Date the Modern Way
layouts, detaining pets and blunt interviewees
Another icon of my youth kicks the bucket
one more update
The Bully Returns
my astute, intelligent, mature, profound commentary on the presidential debate
But what about the maggots??
there are some things we just don't need to think about
france has dirty underpants!
i am whatever i say i am
why should i care?
I couldn't help myself: Bitchslap Ted Rall Day is back
Another notch on my anti-Bloomberg belt
you know what i hate?
this is what it looks like when dreams die
things that make you go hmmmm....
Five for Fighting
In the artistic stylings of Howard Dean
Offer Has Expired
"X" is for "Xylose"
No Child Left Behind
Not About Money
Missing the Point?
Are they really still out there?
Like a tackle box
Dog Treats
Might like you better if we slept together
One Final Thing
Turn down your radio, please
I have to post, just because I can
did you ever wonder
My joke
Choices, choices
The Bestofme Symphony
Michelle, You Are Brave
Improving The State of The Union
Amateur Night
What's so bad about Dean's explosive speech?
You need to see this!
guest hosts
Poutine: Your Misunderstood Friend
Holy Cow
Mom, I made the big time!
wiping boogers
In a Perfect World, It Would Be Six Degrees of Curtis Armstrong
Fred Durst
Not So Smart!
Drinking is good
Excellent Choice
Yo Philly Fans
This Parties Happening
Forlorn Hope
Why did Howard Dean cross the road?
Guest, schmest
Open Mic Night at ASV
repeat after me
belated thanks
People Powered Meltdown
caucus talk
May 11!
ugly is as ugly does
psa and apples falling from trees
The Dream
Keeps you guessing
bad to the rabbit bone
Command Post psa: Help Wanted
every post you make, i'll be watching you
Another comic-to-film I won't bother with
Dissecting Popeye on the Occasion of his 75th Birthday
help wanted
bottom dwellers
the bottom of the barrel
i'm such a lemming: movie version
burning question of the day
colder than carbonite
yin and yang
marriage as the cure for what ails you
i've been a bad girl
in a nutshell
yelling with your mouth shut
Wednesday's bender post of the day
my mother, the murderer
here i am, here i'll stay
are you sure it's not monday?
not getting over it
Review Time: The Mr. T Experience - Yesterday Rules
the monkey in my closet
movin' on up
bunch of idiots
The Stepford First Wives Club
Is it cool? is it cool?
rock, roll and get famous
Bender Post of the Day: Dear Roger Clemens
rare steaks and safety gear
4th and 26
i'm your cartoon tivo
there's more than seven, you know!
don't mention that throw if you want to live
ready for some football
aging at twice the speed of light
do that voodoo that i do: Packers edition
media minded
this one is all yours
The Grudge Against Drudge: O'Reilly May Be Right
Turning Paranoia into Parody
i get older as the minutes go by
good, bad, i'm the one with the phone*
rolling around
pass the geritol
straight to hell, boys
The first blogger baby of 2004
amber alert over: girls safe
long distance dedication
and speaking of CNN...
just me obsessing over something again
smells like victory
If you see this man
tales from the courthouse, part 76
Guilty as Charged
addressing the really imporant issues
despite all my rage.... scratch that
and you thought i was done?
voting rights for felons: discuss
my fanboy moment
this is a memorial
more on the memorial
who wants to party like it's 1999 2004?
Fresh Voice
the hazards of lockerroom reporting
this is not a memorial
life on mars, part 2
can't we all just get along?
bad mood rising
the "bender" post of the day
sharing corner, volume IV
rambling on rose
dum dum dum dum, dum dum dum, dum dum dum
Dear Pete Rose
hitler has jumped the shark
monday creeps up my shoulder like a huge spider with evil eyes which I smash with fist only to leave a streak mark on the sleeve of my new shirt
the penultimate bush=Hitler idiocy
yea baby!
life on mars!
looks like we made it
thinking out loud
the green and gold
My OpEd for Today
i'd hit it
me, in one sentence
psa: the unfriendly skies
get your hands off of my megazord, you damn dirty cleaning freaks!
Back To Gaming: Left, Right, A, B, C, Left, Right, A
i resolve
i ♥ new york
until next year...
BlogMadness: all the fun of March Madness without having to put up with Dick Vitale
predictions: bloggers editions
looking back at 2003: manning the post
bloggers v. journalists
Super Bowl Prediction
inner demons: Oh my God! That's MY nipple!
Worst New Year's Eve Ever or I Want A Man Just Like Dick Clark
the newest threat:
on giving even when it hurts
this evening's medical advice
spiteful and loyal are two different things
Thank you
Bam: Past, Present, Future
coughing, quoting, cave-bombing
I had nothing to do with this
Lists of Five: 2003 Edition
Mr. Death's Year End Review
The First Annual Peerless Prognosticator Contest for Humor and Accuracy
so this was christmas
in which i assume the role of Link for the foreseeable future
christmas love
Spreading Cheer
mind is gone
liner notes
george, adam and me
busy busy, repeat, busy
happiness is....
stupid broken alarm clock
it's beginning to look a lot like a mental breakdown
I predict
lies, damned lies and fakeries
most sacreligous commercial ever
dream a little dream: i choose you, pikachu!
hark, the fighting children scream
it's my terror alert and i'll laugh if i want to
sound the sirens
An Orange Christmas
mmmm... donuts for soldiers
from our house to yours
sing-a-long with the vandals [another saturday cleanng avoidance method]
things that make you go hmmmm
Happy Hannukah
today's memos
proof there is no god
another update on the terrorist threat
breaking: imminent threat to NYC
Gaming: retrocrush invaded my mind!
it's all about the cup security
too tired for compete sentences
help wanted: one personal shopper
Bill O'Reilly: His rantings are insaaaaaaaane!
there you go a-rod, there you go!
The last mepham update because i want to go back to my little magical world where kids do not do these things to other kids
working retail in december: a horror story
Tales from the PETAfiles: They've outdone themselves this time
Memos to various people
Rolling Stone's Usual Suspects
about that semi-hiatus and watching Lieberman pee
today's backblog and a favor
a festivus for the rest of us!
programming note
santa and impossible dreams
and what a life it was
a lileks-like hiatus
Back to Gaming: Sports Games
Presented Without Commentary
it's been a great day
fair and balanced
no buts
live from iraq, it's the day of the bloggers
the money quote
the death star has been destroyed
i predict: let the conspiracy theories start
now this is what i call christmas music
all we want for christmas is three game cubes
hell hath no fury like a mother on a bedroom cleaning binge
roger that
my house is your house (within limits)
today's gaming fun: haiku tributes to the atari 2600
the gateway drug to gaming: winky dink and me
Today's Link
sometimes a bracelet is just a bracelet
one beam
new gaming subject: console wars
Worst Game Ever: The "winners"
Steinbrenner redeems himself
i'm so verklempt
george steinbrenner must be stopped
stay gold
today's gaming talk
the ghosts of blogging past
another award
choose your own video game adventure
what i need is a "shut down" switch
Open Thread: A Very Special Christmas and all that other crap
a sad, sad christmas story
all i want for christmas is for the red sox to suck
video game lifetime achievement award: xyzzy!
until later, have some cookies
on text adventures and reality tv
update to that car accident
oh, henry
speaking of video games
video game awards: new category
crash and rock
this month in history: the tale of the 47 ronin
december 8th
if i can't win, i may as well try to control who will
It's a late rush win!
every vote counts
a change in atmosphere
there can be only one
the weblog awards: i can be bought
note on video game voting
ice, ice baby
Video Hall of Fame Awards, Stage 3: The Rest of the Best of the Coin-Ops
Video Hall of Fame, Category 2 Winner and new category
december 7th: how long does infamy last, then?
logomania, part 2
Video Hall of Fame Awards, Stage 2: Trackball Coin-Ops
And the winner is (plus new category)
last word on eminem, plus video game voting
once more, with feeling
Video Hall of Fame Awards, Stage 1: Vector Coin-Ops
will the scandals ever stop?
weather happens
attention people who take things literally:
vote early, vote often, and don't forget about Pengo!
poll position
zaxxon and me
Video Hall of Fame, Category 1: Coin-Op Games
the white stuff
today's required reading
video game revolution (with hall of fame voting enabled)
snow job
worst. awards show. ever.
show and tell, part 3
thursday is acid keg day
tonight's mailbag: barking up the wrong tree
essential media 2003: the lists of the lists of lists
Grammy day: what's old is new again
something is afowl: the hoax of the century
many thanks
a veteran's call for help
please hold
Pretend Peace Sells, and Powell's Buying
inside baseball
still there
the monkey made me do it
could gandalf be next?
LBJ, IRT, USA, LSD* or All I need to know about LBJ I learned from bloggers
deck the halls....
i have been to heaven
buddy holly?
the he-womyn's men hater's club (Vassar Campus)
capturing the moment
ho ho ho and the patriot act to you!
it's sort of sweet that the NYT quotes me in a paragraph about bill
caption, please
stranger than fiction
more disney fallout
look who's back
war, sport and ugly names
memo to michael eisner: it's the story, stupid
do you have the time?
question of the day
santa blog update
the demise of newspaper comics, or Dagwood beats the crap out of Billy
hostile takeovers and colin farrell's eyebrows
buy, buy, buy
and on the second day of the holiday season, delerium sets in
rambling incoherently: sacrilege, porn and getting in Allah's pants
peace or pie?
november 26, 1998
Got It, Spend it (redux)
pass the tums, please
"I was just looking for a warm meal somewhere. Thanks for inviting me."
giving thanks
the last of the thanksgiving advice: Martyrs and Porn
my thanksgiving gift you
thanksgiving advice(5): Commies and flaming grandma
thanksgiving advice(4): Godzilla, death by Ann Coulter and sauteed squirrel
thanksgiving advice(3): more football and death by Jack Daniels
thanksgiving advice(2): jews, zagats and football
thanksgiving advice corner (1): Hitler, eating al sharpton and family fueds
no time for love, dr. jones
fo shizzle!

the birds
reasons to be thankful, part three
notes, announcements, thank yous, links and a partridge in a pear tree
Cinderella and the hideous, yet charming on the inside, stepsisters
placeholders on the bar graph of politics
congratulations, jim treacher!
kooks and kards and komiks
my lone commentary on last night's debate
A Very Special Peanuts
six degrees of victimization
willy wonka meets the soft drink industry: in which i review a soft drink
bitchslap ted rall ann coulter day
stupid is as stupid does
get in the spirit
death becomes him
observation of the day
ride on, rise up
welcome to the overlook hotel
party on, david
georgia on my mind
the return ho ho holy shit!
have yourself a politically correct christmas
The revolution will be blogged
if you read only one michael jackson blog post for the rest of your life, make it treacher's
Essential Media Files: Boycott Rudolph!
watching a coup, live [Updated]
Up all night long And there’s something very wrong*
continuing with the one line posts
comment of the day
It's Back! Operation TIPS: Christmas Decoration Hell
full disclosure (re: comics attack)
dear john
when comic strips attack
psa, shouts out, etc.
Essential Media: Gather your Lists
lileks calls it like it is
an open letter to anti-holiday crusaders
attention white people
robert plant sings your love poems
getting medieval on the pharmacist's ass
ice and follies
caption/photoshop please
thursday edition of "presented without commentary"
thinking out loud
how many idiots can dance on the head of state?
Happy Birthday, david
all apologies
draw your own conclusions
essential media: charting the demise of MJ through his music
they forgot their viagra
smooth criminal
in lights
the birds, the bees and monkeys
school day blues
it stinks!
the itchy and scratchy show
Essential Media Files: Whatever Happened to James Hetfield?
tuesday edition of "for your amusement"
texas is the reason
scratching the itch
reminder: Got It, spend it day is coming!
ass of the day
Al Sharpton likes to shizzle with spiderman's penis!
shouting down
presuming too much
no time for zen
guilty as charged
tell Laura i love her
best albums of the 90's: reader's choice
what's next?
are you a good witch or a bad witch?
answers, albums and snotty kids
the magic school bus explores the blogosphere!
Sleazebags of the year: infotel
five second movie review
in other riveting news
raise your hands in the air like you really, really care
connecting the dots
terrorism in turkey
best albums of the 90's: covers
were you not listening the first time?
jenn, jenn, jenn
i am o.g.!
After these messages....
best albums of the 90's: my name is jimmy pop
best albums of the 90's: listening station and quickie poll
best albums of the 90's: i bet you thought i'd hate these
best albums of the 90's: we be clubbin
best albums of the 90's, Faith No More style
best album's of the 90's
notices, email respnses, orin gets shizzled, etc.
the howling V: me and antonio (and daschle) down in the school yard
sometimes you just have to say
help me write tomorrow's entry!
gratuitous link..
fo shizzle, hatchizzle!
choose coffee.
please, no.
ted rall is walking that fine line
when i say fili, you say buster!
Mepham update: juveniles
thought project
bruce dickinson is a poet, man!
must see tv
mepham update: false pride
is the left really that humorless
keep your damn, dirty, liberal hands off of her!
the drill
thank you
a box of tissues
board games, probing and ladies wearing jean nate
Mepham update
here but busy
my dinner with ethan allen: today's history lesson
sunday night tunes
stalker, troll or just a bad speller with an attitude problem?
a discourse on new wave and punk (because I can't let anything go)
notes from the democratic underground
caught on tape: authority behaving badly
i'll see you on the dark side of the moon
today's discussion (courtes of J. Lileks): punk. new wave. was there really a difference?
Your dirty little Prince wanna grind
oddly enough!
punk's not dead, it's just sitting in a box set
friday night dance party
a sign from above!
Friday Night Tunes
signs from god
note to bill cimino
jeebus loves me
Ted Rall wants you to suffer in the name of his righteousness
rocking the vote in 2004
message to ron hawaii
question of the day
nature is a museum
kiss the cook
mepham update
novel writing: giving up - sort of
you don't say?
today's required reading(s): an iraqi voice
comic book therapy: morality tale
for the record
since i know you're all dying to know
speaking of voting on measures
feelin' groovy
that memo
behind the music: julie's 16th birthday
hypothetical, of course
she was only 16....
manly men and the men who aren't
live from New york, it's wednesday morning!
she's not a flower! new mtx!
happy birthday, grandpa joe
i've got a bad feeling about this
when blogs talk, someone listens?
cushy job, my ass
On Kim and Men
what makes a man a man?
guess who's back in town?
Shall we throw him a farewell party?
today's helpful hint
burning pictures of me in my face*
blame james lileks if i suddenly join peta
suddenly, fiction
poll shift
worst. halloween episode. ever
scary monsters and super creeps
i'm confused....
day 2: stressed out already
the long, hard war
the greatest threat is brainwashed fools
weather is here
i love a stuffed mailbox
just asking
here there be wenches
sugar rush
everybody say awww
[insert scary music here]
i think that 80's music counts as horror
you're my obsession
wearing the orange and black
the u.n., halloween and child servitude
tell me a scary story
it's the great drowning pumpkin, charlie brown!
i vant to suck your blood
smashing pumpkins
madonna has cooties
not for nothing...
ted rall: if you build it, they will riot
the latest in homeland security
free dirty danny II: this time it's personal
spin this
today's lesson (mine)
day by day
we could be heroes
it's a schooner
what's grey and white and red all over?
how soon for the locusts?
and the punchline is: homeland security
latuff strikes again
we are doomed: part 2
we made you!
we are doomed as a nation. doomed.
sound the alarms!
jumping ahead
ted's being ambiguous again
discuss amongst yourselves: halloween version
a vote for no is a vote for my conscience!
know your enemy
you're looking awfully green today
about that shaving cream
they are killing their own
an old fashioned Halloween
nonsense break
charles johnson v. indymedia
this is halloween
presented without (much) commentary
here, there and everywhere
and back to reality
found that elusive rainbow
history lessons for dummies
phelps comes to town
it's the end of the world as we know it
today's shout out
and the winner is...
my dad is an ass
everybody knows you're cranky
politcal limbo
a burning question
anti-american or patriotic?
go fish
heart attack hotel
that rall thing
witness the madness
too many voices
told ya
another psa
international day of anti-American protests
chris pirillo's happy friday (pants optional)
deep thoughts
bitchslap ted rall: the pre-bitchslapping photoshop contest
the eyes of the sun
in other places...
stand and deliver: Presented Without Commentary
today's reading
then and now: why 2004 will be 1968
today's rerun: for the concorde
more on the DOS attacks
another gratuitious 80's moment
nitrous oxide
off to hell....
running at the mouth
game 4
we had joy, we had fun
this is halloween: remember that part with the tree? and the face?
on the other hand...
rain, pours, etc.
a small victory: your personal shopper for the holidays
in which i compare terrorism and angry protestors to a Leonard Bernstein musical
don't mind me
sharing corner
on the schiavos
about that DOS
in defense of hosting matters
earworm, earworm
on the flip side
afternoon work out!
open discussion
the precedent is not promising
all those years ago
heavy metal writing machine
david blaine comes out
operation give
required reading
happily ever after!
eh, i was going to hell anyhow
i love cartoons!
another dream, and the pope beats mother theresa
we are here! we are here!
silencing the critic?
ted rall, speechwriter?
i confess, i confess
saturday psa
open! (stolen blatantly from tim blair)
::raises hand:::
Mepham update: enter fred phelps
on a plane
that DOS attack
chickens and goats
talkin' baseball
so, what happened?
no commentary necessary
not everything old is cool again
and just for good measure
time to work it
pre-game jitters
squeal like a facist pig!
ramblings: andrew sullivan in boxers, nanny diaries, hooker and marriage
tragedy turns bizarre
what do you get when you cross a red sox fan with an indymedia reader?
i hate game sevens
today is ted rall obsession day
mother nature is a beast
game time
for ted, from the maniac
kill bill revisited: my, what big morals you have!
take the rock quiz
what if god was one of us?
attention cubs fans
for the children(tm): bush's support of the right's marriage movement is wrong
kill bill: review
date night with quentin
crossing lines with john edward
die, comment spammers, die and other blogging stuff
talkin' baseball
cash money ho
baseball family feud
they sure do make 'em big these days
mepham: placing blame where it doesn't belong
out and about
bitchslap ted rall day, volume infinity: the daily rall
an ode to jason, my blogroll dealer
the world is not ready for this
no voodoo today
a red sox fan speaks
where's terry o'reilly when you need him?
dare i dream?
cowboy down!
pedro is a punkass
pedro martinez beats up old men!
game time voodoo
saturday's edition of "presented without commentary" - the hate festival begins
take my toys, please
there once was a....
Mepham update: the week in mepham news
america's pastimes: baseball and boobies
things they say
raise your cup and let's propose a toast
i thought lefties were compassionate?*
song for the deaf
talkin' football
you say it's your....
who is alexa and what is she saying to me?
ted rall takes me to bizarro world
even steven
there once was a contest so great,
attention baltimore!
limerick time: the Poetry Day Incestous Blogging Contest
the red sox are satan's playthings
Yassar Yassar, why won't you pass...err..
psa to red sox fans
those wacky catholics!
latuff strikes again
talkin' baseball
game time
a musical interlude
fairy tales can come true, they can happen to you...
talkin' trash in flash
the october issue of navel gazing monthly. free issue!
you could have chosen a guy named thunder
ready, aim, fire
gag order
my slippery soapbox
Second tin foil hat award of the day
all in one place
california bloggin'
tin foil award for today goes to
let the games begin
how blogging makes the world smaller
Mepham update and a question
in sickness and health
Mepham update: big development
This is halloween: wanna read something really scary?
give until you make someone smile
Dear U.N.
Mepham update
a double scoop of Oh yea
the day the music died
what's wrong with this picture?
apparently bush is just the man behind the curtain
Operation Give
sunday edition of "presented without commentary"
this is the war that never ends
if the voting age was ten..
the decline and fall of practically everybody*
too much coffee man
don't worry, have donuts
the best laid plans
gone bitchin'
mepham update: commentary free
controversy free since....now!
Friday Fun with Ted Rall
speaking of low class
like a bad penny
this is halloween: 2
Mepham update
the friday edition of "presented without commentary"
Mepham update
portrait time
fred durst must be stopped
toys for iraq update
it's my blog and i'll write what i want to
weasel awards
Mepham update
it must be october
rush limbaugh is a...nevermind
Mepham Hazing: entering that slippery slope of morality
rush limbaugh is a big fat
this is halloween: 1
everybody dance like there's ants in your pants!
The wednesday edition of "Presented without commentary"
hello, has anyone seen my quagmire?
on the menu
inside the School of "militant" activism
he's back
so much news, so little time
the time of the season
toys for iraq update
idiot of the day, part two
idiot of the day
sparky sterling: monkey at bat
inquiring minds want to know
Today's Mepham stories
media manipulation in iraq
how steve hogan ruined my appetite
Novak-Gate: Q & A
Novak speaks
it's got a good beat and i can stick a thumbtack in it
here's to me, mrs. robinson
naming names: and thus ends 'no politics' day at ASV
and the number one funny thing ever to happen in music
today's psas: french interview, mepham links
Monday fluff: VH1's list fetish
ironic news of the day
i dream of blogging and other unnatural disasters
your mission
and another one gone, and another one gone (updated)
How soon is now?
good morning, hesiod
the protesters' own quagmire
today's mepham coverage
famous last words
comment spammers beware
playing the part of reporter
The Mepham story; a short history of hazing
and another one bites the dust
somebody keep on eye on the pope
George Plimpton's greatest line?
just call me the obituary writer of the blogosphere
i'm a loser, baby, so why don't you play me?
september is the month for dead celebrities
bitchslap ted rall day, volume infinity
how to entertain children
harry goz, dead at 71
prinicpal caught in the headlights: a Mepham hazing update
this day in anti-Semite history
busy busy
mental health will drive you mad
I am bad hair woman, hear me roar!
two readings on one subject
writing about hamas while eating hummus
a question for all the parents out there
meeting mr. g.
setting the record straight...again
9/11 widow sues bush; the left engages in typical irony
dirty politics
on toys and hypocrisy
presented without commentary
more on mepham: not the first time
why metafilter pisses me off
i wish him nothing but the worst fate possible
a storm with no name
more on mepham: the snowball effect
i'm livin' on the air in cincinnati
today's required linkage
leave the gun, take the zeppoles
hazing story, part five
variations on a theme
it's that time again
come mangiare uno zeppole
perhaps there will be justice
the black dots of irony
monday psa
Where is the outcry on behalf of the victims?
fair thee well
by the way
off to thee faire
i might be wrong
three is a magic number
research librarian for the deranged
and you may ask yourself
death becomes us
now that's what i call a rivalry
bloggers blowin' in the wind
the blame game
today's must read: chief wiggles
avast, ahoy and all that
yarrr, i be busy, mateys
don't talk like these pirates
two problems, one solution
everyone knows it's windy
a day in the life: Worst.Post.Ever.
psa for Axis of Isabel
potpourri for 500, Alex
DJ's teacher: update
Axis of Isabel Roundup
why everyone should want the yankees to win it all
hell is for telemarketers
obviously, arnold would be he-man
axis of isabel: where's the conspiracies?
a whole year of this?
the night the lights went out on Tatooine
just so you know
Saddam speaks.
dear izzy
today's pretend guest blogger: Ted Rall
today's required reading
Axis of Isabel
it was as if it had hallmark© written on it
have no fear, pat robertson is here!
Listen up you primitive screwheads!
and then they took my free lunch away and i had to kill the ice cream man and eat his flesh!
Not done yet...
what the world needs now is another limerick contest (presidential edition)
a funny thing happened.....
free lunch: the topic that would not die
i bleed yankee blue, i swear!
And I am whatever you say I am
did someone say yoko ono naked?
don't bother making any future plans
psa (another izzy post)
tracking izzy and some helpful hints
tales from the courthouse: raising a stink
20 not-so-simple rules
last word on school lunches
kurt cobain's brains
dear john
be prepared
they were a parody to begin with
In the newsday story room
sunday comics
notes from the democratic underground
waiting for izzy
nominations open for....
in which i make a For The Children(tm) plea
four nice things about the red sox
you can hear the ocean if you hold a cell phone up to your ear
oh, ann....
who are you, martin sheen?
springsteen and arafat, together at last!
movies, movies
point, counterpoint
johnny, john and....john paul?
thank you
two years later
the voices of 9/11
a sweet lemon
scavenger hunt
every day is like another new slogan
same song, different venue
where did the girl go?
life, archived
and on and on
role playing 9/11
news, views and a snooze
Tikkun Olam
this is a peace process?
last word on Ed
a bet is a bet: day two
today's required reading
for ed
ed rants, ed makes assumptions
dear vince
Indymedia and blogs
the things they carried
psa and a the weekly whoring commentary
the daily french report
for solonor: october 8, 1978
a bet is a bet
standing tall
them bones
i love you, you love me
i am a broken record
group flaming
from the man who wants to give illegal immigrants drivers licenses
for vince: too late for apologies
new language
i feel so unclean now...
i hate you, kimmy gibbler!
of humanity
out of the sky
more voices
hooker with a penis: a completely made up story
ya think?
credit where credit due
say what?
moonbats: the gathering
thou shalt not kill (well, maybe sometimes)
attention red sox lovers
i'm not a critic but i play one on the net
big pimpin with the juice
exposing hate
and there is also joy
from a child's eyes and heart
yankees v. sox, part 2
wheel! of! terrorism!
required reading.
Staples: The next level of hell
religion of peace, part 45950
your moments of zen
Who were you on September 11?
smack dab in the middle, maybe?
thanks, i needed that
jackasses of the world unite
I still don't know how not to be a wreck
terror alert level: zombie
Electric Boogaloo
more anguish over that book
he said, they said
i'm gonna sing the doom song
art corner
my mom went to the mall and all i got was these lousy seven t-shirts for $120
how indymedia remembers 9/11
perhaps this psychologist needs a psychologist
did someone say boobies?
vote early, vote often
end of days
as i labor away, eating and drinking
and the bartender says...
file under "biased"
quote for today
burying blood
attention red sox fans
so. what do you think?
coming soon (tonight)
trial by error
Melancholy and the infinite sadness
the orange bowl
ground zero
today's good deed
it ain't over til this fat lady sings
dean's world is miles from mine
in and out
t33kid is l33t!
as i continue being a zionazi
battle cry!
bring it on
because stories give us hope
red sox v. yankees: the bet is on
"Something like this makes your hair stand up"*
old time hockey
sharing my own voice
nevermind the terrorists
cake or death?
picking your brain (voices)
your moment of zen
but they hate us!
While I'm Away
it must be mars
a little help from my friends
let's call it a night
hide the children!
I am stacy's bitch
enemy at the gates!
message to grandma on her birthday
voices carry
no ordinary day
it's oh, so quiet
what i did on the last day of my vacation
while i wait for my husband to mess with his hair...
suggestions for the consumer whore
the SUV made me do it!
double brownie sundae hangover
i was a zionazi jewpropgandist
when you care enough to shut down the very best
a tale of two stories [that are the same story]
when is a terrorist not a terrorist?
this day in history
enough with the sappiness!
declaration (redux)
obligatory virus post
role reversal
while my kids vacation in the netherworld...
derbyshire loses me again
What i'm watching now
it's not instant, but it's gonna get ya
birthday goodies!
let them eat stale cake
another legend gone
today's blogging lesson
the cheering enemy
hot moist morford
primal has been purged
yo ho ho
superstars of the 70's!
nevermind the disco, we had punk rock
random thought for the evening
"wholly without merit"
rock over london, rock on chicago
a continuation on moore
divine intervention
for the interested
a familiar place
a burning building by any other name...
Get your blog war on!
Worst Album Ever: The Results
bedside movie review: Final Destination 2
disease of the week
it's starting to stink around this place
redefining the language of war
morford's back, back again
kiss my robot ass
i suppose this is what counts as french porn
maybe i shouldn't have eaten that email
Battle of the Worst Albums Ever
i'll be around
rambling towards the other side of the hill
i'll be under the bed if you need me
spam city
death be not found here
the all-star arraignment band
still here...
We are experiencing technical difficulties...
dante would be proud
in which i review a book that i've only read 40 pages of
The World of Bill: O'Reilly's alternate reality
well it was bound to happen sooner or later
the good, the bad and the smoke-filled lungs
it's a monday thing
every time you curse the blackout, an angel loses its shoes
a warm, fuzzy look at the weather underground
You're used to wearing less, and now your life's a mess
words and pictures
money for nothing
previously Unknown Blog of the Day
Some people never learn
another salvo fired
who wants to give a social studies lesson?
in the afterlife...
today's open discussion
today's required reading
behold the power of the internet
his time will come
blog wars: i pledge allegiance to...
the great debate: frank j. v. glenn reynolds
the gift that keeps on giving
i wonder if this will catch on with steinbrenner?
while his guitar gently screeches
boxes of birthday goodness
idi and elvis
fair, balanced and exhausted
bring on the theories!
Warning Unheeded?
Long Island/NY update
it's Bush's fault!
more news
darkness falls
what lonely former celebrities do in the spare time
today's mailbag: raise your own children, please
the page cannot be displayed
nick cave brings out the worst in some cats
ted's head, part II
Aurora borealis comes in view
the workout blog
thongs and panties and boxers, oh my!
fair and mentally unbalanced
dear george bush
a 9/11 tea party
modo does blogs
here lies ted, there lies his head
on rall: the answer
Hottest ticket in town: Aschroft '03! [contest]
analyzing rall's comic
on rall
discuss amongst yourselves
Herb Brooks, 1937-2003
work it
frankenstein's video game monster was created by parents, not the industry
Nader's blowing smoke again
1 year, 11 months: thoughts and some questions
monday psa
are you there god? it's me, the pope
blogging privately
techsploitation: infringement justification
sunday morning review: wolves in the walls
show and tell
separate questions for the amish guy
[insert william shatner joke here]
i'm just as nosy as the rest
bloggers are a nosy bunch
one man's underrated film is another's piece of crap
saturday morning quote
corrupting young minds, one at a time
self-linking day and an awards show
xx, xy
on this day...
when will ashcroft's moral juggernaut stop?
more prolific than rush! able to leap rush's ego in a single bound!
the future is the past is the future
the treacher laugh of the day
gimme gimme
thanks, ashcroft!
Gore Unplugged
you learn something new....
more on derbyshire
google gone glitchy: is it me?
dance like there's ass in your pants
D.C. comics: like the guy with the lampshade on his head
all the news that's fit to predict
tonight on fox!
crawling skin
Yankee news
Midol: it's what's for dinner
canada v. timberlake
Nancy Pelosi: The Martha Stewart of Politics
alice, sweet alice
today's vegan advice column
the lighter side of: worst american figures
tales from the courthouse: the elfin defendant
speaking of bees in my bonnet, this one is french
bees in my bonnet
bush=hitler: the theorem
parents just don't understand
with publicity like this...
fear no evil
a chilling holiday for august
a bad precedent: Texas v. Castillo
all the pretty little horses
self-plug: A Yankee in a Red Sox court
it's time
worst american figures? no.
juvenile humor always makes me feel better
yes i'm still being "monothematic"
a slender young man in black jeans and a red Che Guevara T-shirt
venting at lilli and more
an excerpt from Windows on the World: read at your own risk
and the winner is:
reminder and a thought
oh, those wacky animal activists!
more on the french: coming soon
Kazaam Award: Final voting
kazaam awards: final ballot
only a frenchman could turn 9/11 into pornography
life happens, blogging doesn't
Kazaam Awards, 2003 edition
last post about Gigli, I swear
are you ready for some football?
she must have gotten her bad taste from her father's side of the family
city songs: new york city, 10,000 - Long Island, 1
friday night fun: city songs
dear, dear hesiod
one time, at terrorist camp...
jihad on wheels
bitchslap ted rall day: it's back!
26 things (almost)
a terrorist in my kitchen?
just saying
hail to the king, baby
movies, movies: my choices and i'm sticking by them
hockey, liquor and passing out on the lawn
the anti-american left strikes again
movies, movies
in the batting circle...
got milk?
movie time with ben and j-lo
heard it through the grapevine
panic button
cut it out! - a guide to shortened cartoons (and a fun request)
wheels of tragedy!!
this one time, at blogger camp...
one for the road
fact and fiction, part 2
want some cawfee?
a short film
open discussion
i smell a rat
imminent danger, stay vigilant, be alert, etc., etc., etc.
bad sponsor ideas
the new segregation
S.W.A.T: making the moonbats even more batty
dvorak does carrottop
my goals are lofty, indeed
every day is halloween
militant activists in montreal
great moments in yankee history. sort of.
i guess this is what i was thinking
another in the "lesser-known but dead as well" category
it's only rock and roll
in the "lesser-known but dead as well" department:
Bob Hope Dead at 100
fact and fiction
the best stuff wasn't even mine
headline of the day
the road map to hell is paved with good intentions
korey stringer's widow to sue god
you still here?
so long and thanks for all the fish
i am the living dead
90 minutes
you look radishing, darling!
weird words
guest post #something: Warren Ellis
oh yea
so the other one says....
all apologies
it's time
not for nothing
these posts are getting lame
second wind coming
another guest post!
time of my life
fashion victims
the theme may be slowly dying...but i'm still alive and kicking
you spin me right round
Acme products to the rescue: how i captured saddam
break from nostalgia for a blogathon challengge
guest post #6: Kevin Parrott
porcupine slayer
I was a teenage music activist: How I brought down Leo Sayer
then and now, again
saved again
80's trivia!
guest post #5: Jeff Jarvis
the needle and the damage done
french insults, again
things we did for fun
my ass is numb
gratuitious picture of me 2
checking up on others
then and now 2
Guest post #4: Bill Quick
you are saved
don't make me do it
then and now
70's music quiz
Guest post #3: An anonymous source in Iraq
gratuitious picture of me
the year that was: 1967
psa #23439084 in an infinite series
All I Need to Know I Learned From Mad Magazine
things better left forgotten: the 8-track
meanwhile in the blogathon
either or: a pop culture preference quiz
good news
musical moments: fire in the sky
Answers to Quiz
Guest post #2: Ben Weasel
all the news
french insult #4 anda request
Quiz Time: Know the 80's?
lost youth memories: pinball wizard
Guest post #1: Roger Simon
french insult #3
before we knew cholesterol could be bad
french insult #2
80's commercials game
french insult 1
the year was: 1968
and we're off....
until tomorrow
still preparing
be my guest
memories: some of them you can live without
folding up the road map
let me entertain you - with your help
24 hours from now....
Vous sucez de tant de différentes manières qu'il fait m'à rire
as luck would have it
she's a...
blogging news
this day in baseball
what the hell was i thinking?
to hell and back
naming names: why the Bryant case is different
Kaiju Haiku
Hey! (blogathon news)
your search cannot be completed
in lighter news
NY City Hall shooting update
new york news: shooting at city hall
blogathon preparations
The Happy liberal scavenger hunt
...but the name of the wicked will rot
and more from the bleeding hearts
choose your own adventure: finish the vegan zombie storyline for me
Rangel: we broke the law
dead, undead, she said
last thought of the evening
song for the dead
Answering Steve's burning question: why do I root for the packers?
reaction from the left: predictable
let the joyous news be spread
the days are just packed II
bugs meany, internet pirate
the kobe bryant case: everyone's a loser
one more thing
petafiles 2: asshats in action
dire warning of the day
the essay portion of the test
from the peta-files
he's not dead yet
let's get nostalgic
i love the smell of moonbats in the morning
"Suspected Idiot"
death awaits
swimming lessons
aol blogging: it's not the end of the world, folks
seen on film
my mom would be so proud
streetlight people
the days are just packed
Pirates of the carribean: fear and loathing on the seven seas
avast there ye scalliwags!
license to drive: the living dead move among us
there were no glory days
my two cents on kobe
those damn grues
if i had a friend like ben
if you blog and no one reads it, does it still count?
mark it 8, dude.
this is not 'Nam. This is bowling. There are rules.
around and about
the bush lied(tm) juggernaut claims a victim?
great cover songs that weren't
dinner is served
you may ask yourself
sixteen words
let's talk about sex (again)
today's link
closer - c = benitez
time waster
&*%$#%^ linguistics lessons
custom made shirts!
invest in human kindness
survey says: would you buy this book?
dreams, harvey birdman, pop culture, scott baio and weezer, all rolled into one blog sandwich
tiny bubbles
let there be thanks
talkin' baseball
that's no moon, that's my ego!
poetry (toe) jam
Pat Robertson: you are about to enter another dimension
Review of Roger Simon's Director's Cut and some commiserating
i shall win the poetry contest
the dog ate my mother's toes: a dave barry meme
dude, where's my milf?
football season: the shirt
now selling
Speaking of Meryl
Blogathon News
more on song lyrics: oblivious and obscure
understanding Led Zeppelin
sex sells, are your kids buying?
psa: the spoonman cometh
those puzzling palestinians
the wolves are coming
about the Garbage Pail Kids, they never lie*
Q & A
terry gilliam: tilting at windmills
about that sluggish story...
soysage man to the rescue!
Long distance dedication: From me to robyn
it's a beautiful day in my neighborhood
kisses goodnight
nuke the moon, dude
Jane, you ignorant slut intelligent canadian
one of those inside jokes that may or may not seem funny to you
short posts for short people: 4
short posts for short people: 3
short posts for short people: 2
Well, woke up this morning with a wine glass in my hand
the usual friday night music stuff, Dr. Frank, an mp3 and wow this drink is strong
friday fun: all filler, no killer
answering my own questions: lessons from Septmber, 2001
rumors of my demise, etc.
swf, likes long romantic walks on death row, rainbows and child homicide
see my cosmos!
Beat on the Brat(wurst) with a baseball bat
celebrate your idiocy
and still, the silence
the shrinking language
get your damn dirty swoosh off of my sneakers!
more on iran
special post for anwar the trollish commenter
im addic...im addicted to this
for want of democracy
July 9 - Support democracy in Iran
i'll be back
I'm sorry, I need to see your ID first
Tales from the courthouse: the blame game
monday memo
So you wanna be a.....
ghost bloggers in the sky
know your enemies
stupidity + explosives = darwin award
rage against the machines: short review of T3 with spoilers
saturday stuff
hope yours was safe and fun
baseball, hot dogs and beer: Happy Fourth of July
today is the greatest
dissenting opinions: a thought on september 11 and people who want me to get over it
my day thus far, in haiku
ad of the day
have you or a family member been injured by your own idiocy?
Revolutionary Blogging: I was Martha Washington
sign of the times: have a safe fourth
let's play a game: one hit wonders
look! a debate without cursing and name calling!
i didn't do it, i swear
Oh, Canada
the two faces of mtv
psa,self-linking day and open forum
i knew they were reading my website
your god's law is not everyone's law
another book on the nightstand
a poignant conversation with a child about hockey and body parts
Tales from the courthouse: God speaks
Afternoon storytime: The Foolish Frenchmen
face the blame
Tales from the courthouse: What not to say in ex parte letters
Run rabbit run: 30 Years of Dark Side of the Moon
help wanted
more blogathon news
quiz time
site o' the day
i sing of fonts
the manly man wants woman to bake pie!
Blogathon: blatant plea for sponsorship
reading over your shoulder
random linkage on a monday morning
the world of winer
a real truce
this post sent by owl
thou shall not annoy thy neighbors
sweet cherry pie
ACME: For all your sabotage needs
a thought
the gentle art of making enemies
Ninja Monkeys: A preview
raise your cup and let's propose a toast
they sing. they dance. they fling feces and kick earthling ass.
disavowing the freepers
survival of the elders
psa: where is my mind?
Gaiman v. Rowling
i demand an oscar for this zombie movie!
strom marks another milestone
grinding nemo
never call me again!
comment policy
i dream of ann coulter. it is not pretty.
school's out
what? no night of the lepus?
but they were just going to use it to heat the baby's bottles
law books, semen and harry potter
if only semen were a health aid
cease fire? what cease fire?
wrestlemania: backyard edition
let's call it a (carnivnal) night
Hulk! Bush! Stone Throwing! Moral Relativsm!
this is my boomstick!
what does a yellow light mean?
this two minute warning made possible with a grant from....
hillary, thy name is.....
parody or bitterness? you be the judge
must have
On the ricochet - it's going to hit you
four color hell - yes, again.
playing with moonbats again: moral equivalence edition
and other misanthropic things, like how to be the worst girlfriend ever
have fear! the threat is real!
lisa lisa
no fear
hi. my name is michele and i'm a misanthrope
this has gone on long enough
comics blog news
let's play a game with the moonbats!
in dreams: sunday edition
make your own photo essay: a short story contest with no prize
there's funny ha ha, and then there's funny in that laughing at you kind of sense
girls, girls, girls
this nuke the moon thing just ain't working
steak, spies and self-linking
do you have any grey poupon?
the man can't keep me down!
that will teach you
more morford musings: it must be a cold day in hell
Shut up and buy my new record
alcohol makes everything better. even pop punk.
on the interent, nobody can hear you scream on a friday night
regular reading
bang your head with concerto karaoke
finally friday!
navel gazing
four color hell
ain't no sunshine: the rain has taken my sanity
Tales from the courthouse: Little interns have big ears
diets, lasagna and social disorders: why has garfield been around this long?
porn, my parents and linda lovelace
finding nemo: one minute review
Leapin' Lileks!
i hate it here
open letter to Marc W., troll of the year nominee
Learn how to be a socialst in just ten minutes! Or: Fry The Spy Day
meet james lileks
round and round
he's doing it just to spite me
jump around
the angels and butterflies make everything ok!
down the hatch
a quick one
land of the free press, home of the brave idiots
andrea loves chachi
news and views
in dreams
On Iran
the blog factor
all the cool kids do it
question of the night: here, kitty kitty...
repeat after me
use the force!
a compendium of links: bill o'reilly
yankee hat, red sox hat, asshat
Equal time party, brought to you by the Council of Europe
bloggin' bill o'reilly
minimalist photo essay
giving, getting and dirty american capitalsts
been holding this in
Cap Capers
hulkamania! part 2
making the pitch for clemens
Bill's state mottos and open mic day
they don't call them comic books for nothing
retrovertigo: not yet ready for prime time, but sort of ready
psa: call your father today
just a random photo
burn, baby, burn
media moments
always wear sunscreen
break in the action
a treacher feature
daydreams of a wannabe trillionaire
to sum up my view on the roadmap to peace
part 4: the stand
part 3: Andy Gibb gave me blisters
my taste has become cumbersome
fashion statement
part 2: what song is you want to hear?
memories of my hallucinogenic youth, part 1
so, what do you want to do tonight?
screw you guys, i'm going home
friday fun: the blogger drink menu
a great day in blogdom
Friday Freaks roundup #1: What's the matter with kids today?
day by day
last word
home made superstitions
a pox on Lileks! (but not a monkeypox)
one last link before i go dream about dead birds
morford moments
the octodog: how did I ever live without it?
dinner conversation
he does not stand alone
big pimpin' in the middle school parkin' lot
spreading out, spreading thin
bring out your dead!
caption contest/driving cd
for the birds part 2: Isn't it ironic?
for the birds
more grant money being wasted
so who gets the game ball?
who you are says a lot about you!
toren mad. you will not like toren mad.
my laugh of the day
there is no try
the buy nothing left: back in black
and now for something completely different
caption/photoshop time
someone doesn't know how to read a roadmap
100 songs. 25 years. Lots of bad choices - part II
The Wachowski Brothers killed the spotted owls!
100 songs. 25 years. Lots of bad choices.
the parting of the red sea
die puny boobies!
be quiet and drive
these are the michel(l)es that blog
Armageddon It
spiders in my sleep
a little something for everyone
self lovin' in the archives
the vast left wing conspiracy
it's a linkorama
cash cow
monday moonbat morford musings
topiary nightmares: another story from my wasted youth
bully for you
like watching home movies, but not
LL Cool DJ
my protest against uppity assholes
who is that girl?
going to the chapel
when comments become a forum
conversation with a cable modem
promises to keep
what is that thing??
ban everything!
"it is believed that the babies were buried alive"
they don't rain out weddings
villainy, part 3: making the case for Gary Oldman
at last
Jose Canseco: still controversial after all these years
villains part 2: back to the drawing board
What becomes a villain most?
i smite you with my bloated ego!
death, destiny and vertigo comics
1 + 1 is always 2
the stepford neighbors
put a cork in it, sosa!
ping ping
church of the blogosphere bulletin, issue #2: some things just need the explodo
psa 2
dear john
master of my domain
who wants to be an asv whore?
breathe in, breathe out
i hate when my kids make me think
run away, run away!
riddle me this
whining about winer again
programming notes [or, you're not a weblog winner until you say winer!]
hilary redux
school's out, reading is in
murder by any other name
things that make you go blind
rockets red glare
about the weather
17 innings later, they're still ugly
'the yeasty girls' v. 'accidental goat sodomy': another fun moment in blogging
freedom like a shopping cart
i am yankee fan, see me roar!
ode to a supersonic plane
dollar bread and flying cars
wolverine v. cyclops
an important ruling on tampons
i like to make lists of my lists
freedom v. weapons
ok, one more
swan song
horner at the corner
steal this song!
the only thing i haven't done yet is masturbate
i'm getting closer to never leaving the house
raise your cup and let's propose a toast*
Your host this evening for H-O-T
punk's not dead
teenage fan club
Dream on, but don't imagine they'll all come true
take me out to the ballgame, the liquor store, the deli....
he'll get the lap dance, i'll just get to dance around in my pajamas
on feeling like you have to pee even when you don't
command post now provides entertainment!
the language of understanding each other
cult movies, part 4
buy comics, save the world
cult movies, part 3: visual quiz
the "get dr. frank off of blogspot" movement
site news
cult classics
i'll swallow your soul, in d flat
psa for my sister lisa
talkin' baseball
rolling your friends. again.
in bloomberg's new york
doing warren ellis
you can't get rid of me that easy
blogging psa [where have all the blogs gone?]
on being approachable
psa from rev. michele
fear and loathing and michael savage
you can't teach old metal gods new tricks
hello, noam? do you have prince albert in a can?
dump me
a-z, winner and loooooser
and then there was the homily
the church of the blogoshphere bulletin
burn, baby, burn
a-z song contest scoring update
roger and me
i'm a star!
i missed her so
call me morbid, call me pale
A-Z game update
photo op
the a-z song game [updated to include new rules]
dig that bass!
captain's blog
when i say happy, you say birthday
brief thought
mazel tov
blogging baby
we ate, drank and acted merry
musical interlude
the good wife
A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men
thank you
Saddam's dead baby parade
is that guy hot or not?
gratuitous desk picture
return of the hanging chads
anyone have a carrot?
this war made possible by the following sponsors
in dreams
got a favorite charity?
honest jim's bargain basement!
game night 2: because i've got no real content
ok, i'll lighten up
mr. rogers lied. you aren't special.
all the unborn chicken voices in my head
mqt #4
side note
would you like to play a game?
an ode to love
the cow says chug!
male/female poll responses: part I
this is planet earth
this evening's music: cover me
was it something I said?
Wal-Mart v. Target
data entry: a male/female blogger poll
lust combo?
promises to keep
dr. frank's cyber-busking hour returns!
never enough: more bad movies
dumb like a moose, dib*
what the left has become
why kid's sports suck: when adults act younger than the children
enough is...enough
still not right yet...
the evidence
call off the national guard search, please
i'll be singing 'sister christian' in about two hours
tiny bubbles?
shadow of a doubt
six fingers
more movie madness
hey, let's buzz the statue of liberty, just for kicks!
apropos of everthing
crowhaven farm!!
when vincent price was cool
thursday fatigue syndrome
if only layne staley were available...
Big D
better late than never?
do not bait me with your hate mail. do.not.
one more comic related post
jayson blair, mark morford and the despair of a would-be writer
daily comic post: punish me
and he's single??
american idle
his ass is tighter than mike bloomberg's wallet
check your integrity and your cigarettes at the door
blue photo day
from the ex parte bin
this one has my vote
and yet more signs
i found this ironically funny because it's 6am
special delivery!
my photo muse came for a visit
who is that bowtied man?
what did they ever do to osama?
did you hear about the saudi bombing?
a baby by any other name
nobel prize for anti-americanism
victimizer or victim?
Link Whore night! (aka self love)
when news breaks...
Comic Q & A for Jay
feeling bad about being right
blogger dreams: bring me the head of eugene volokh!
when i rule the comic kingdom
why is this day not like any other day?
signs, signs everywhere signs: results
sign of the times
past and presents
and yet more signs
the mother of all moonbats
i can't believe i drank the whole thing
every famine virtual
i will marry melody
when it all comes back
live, from new jersey, it's derek jeter!
sorry, i can't stop
it's a sign!
today's soapbox
signs signs everywhere signs
warning! danger! contest!
high spirits
after these messages...
But what about the babies??
mom, can i borrow your feces?
The LARS-athon is coming!
Everywhere you look
sperm: the final frontier
tonight's ponderance
topless! nude! girls!
old posts, fresh pain
talent roundup
the wussification of education
hey kids, it's riddle time!
help wanted
self reference of the week
the newest disease sweeping the nation
All the pretty girls, in the world - And the ugly girls too
out of the COOP
the first adventure
viva le carnival!
tis the season for judaism?
more introspective ramblings
sin #3: pride
i'm gonna miss you
meryl and bon jovi, sitting in a tree!
requisite tuesday night american idol post
blogging challenge: davezilla v. small victory
i summoned anger
covet thy neighbor's blog posts
clearing the air
this hamster's gone to heaven
speaking of sin
Bill bennett, gambling and finger pointing: off on a tangent
speech therapy
please leave a message at the beep
blind item. sort of.
I let the melody shine, let it cleanse my mind
gratuitious baseball pictures
Tiananmen Scare, anyone?
bonjour, monkey brain!
better late than never
welcome to the world, fiona
hello my name is jimmy pop
save the silverware!
last word on links
how prescient
rollin, rollin, rollin
i'm the root of all that's evil but you can call me cookie*
turning nonsense into more nonsense
And maybe I'm a Chinese jet pilot*
tatu you
spongebob no pants?
bzzz. bzzz. bzzz. bzzzz.
sinners click here!!
Everytime I come around yo city
we will, we will crush you
why do they even bother?
a new low in mets fandom
ride on the peace maze
law day
Ted, meet chad
The New May Day
slutpublican update and stuff
breathe in
a moment for myself
i'm a little acorn....
legislation and lust in the white house
all filler no killer
american bureaucracy
Blogger SARS alert
the beauty, the splendor, the wonder of my hair
yom hashoah
slutpublican news
outrage of the day
like nails on a blackboard
judges needed
it's about the ego, stupid
and you smell like one too
the cabinet is filling up
an importan slutpublican party announcement
why did the elephant cross the politician?
turn, turn, turn
3:30 press conference
enough PC nonsense for everyone
positions open, bribes accepted
The Slutpublican campaign trail begins
an ode to saddam on his birthday - a poetry contest
The Slutpublican ticket for 2004: I'm in
you smell like a monkey
gratuitous picture time
It's the grooviest thing
the new party politics
the mother of all protests
look ma, i'm a slutpublican!
glenn reynolds kills hobos!
we have entered another dimension
this is the part where ted rall haunts me
music for the masses, part 2: smile
music for the masses
daily link to dr. frank
in space no one can eat ice cream!
opinions and risks
The homer simpson essay question
something to think about
the small victory jukebox
big pimpin'
it's coming!!!
puce revealed!
a proud graduate of American College of Sexologists
bang your head! (and a note from the lileks domain emergency system)
answering today's mail
dixie chicks love puce!
Dixies, dissent and dollars
puce watch
it's an american idol thing - again
pop quiz!
3.2 planets of me, me, me
just saying
the company we keep
76 trombones and a mess to clean up
lies, damn lies and hilary clinton
ponder this
Battle of who could care less
blogging news
Oscillate you hip and don't take pity
malls, trolls and Puce as Journalist
open discussion day
give me back my joystick
the dr. frank fan club meets again
going out on a limb for peace
TV Turn on
get your fresh music right here!
turning tragedy into politics
the dr. is in
have a killer easter
men don't make passes....
this puce thing just won't die
who says bloggers don't rate?
the lardy demin limerick contest
his demon soul revealed
from the peta-files
our new addition
furry lardy demins!
thought for the day
desperately seeking Patriot act supporters
an interview i can live with
Pop quiz
the crazy chick/housewife will not be televised
about that looting...
For Meryl, Laurence and all my Jewish friends and readers
Puce for Peace!
It's an american idol thing...
it's all shiny and new!
The tart speaks (and rants)
speaking of wackos
Bitchslap Ted Rall Day, Volume 8
out of the closet
repeat alert!
i am going to regret this
I never forgot Leon Klinghoffer
the mother of all mother's day presents
harping on
Yes, there's more!
(studio) generals and majors
still talking about the looting
i heart jim treacher
i'm not done yet
plug time
oh how i hated aunt flo
i had to do it
a 7,000 year old text or a seven year old child?
five minutes of local fame
'alligator boy' should have been the first clue
it's not easy being Uday
at the edge of.....sanity
the truth
proper hygiene is important!
another blog on the move
help this ass make a difference
comic shopping report
Love shack, baby love shack
anyone need any action figures while i'm out?
a protest by any other name
blood brothers
i didn't panic!
life was nothing but an awful song
Treacher's Pet
alert level guide
sing with me
holy shitizzle!
down the hatch!
friday on my mind
Just click it
beware the blogosphere planning council
how the peace movement kills
hey, bartender!
today's required reading
Jim Treacher fan club
administrative note
another one who just doesn't get it
morbid poetry corner
i've been diagnosed with..
sign this!
lies, damn lies and the tin foil hat brigade
and now, your moment of zen
shouldn't i feel cheated right now?
the parrot's house of truth and justice
a toast to history
a picture paints a thousand words
Hideki Matsui!
happy birthday, jo-anne
more freedom
like i had nothing better to do tonight
and now, a laugh
wrapping dissent in a flag
nobody's innocent here
caught on tape
Songs of spring
Baghdad Bob's life in the twilight zone
words to live by
blogaversary greetings, mr. esmay
super secret location disclosed!
forecast: opening day snowed out
prison song
say hello to my little friend
can 'person of the year' be far behind?
note to self
some people just don't know when to shut it
Iraqi information minister tries Jedi mind trick
80's karaoke night
track one, song one
another one comes out of the woodworks
i hope you didn't come here tonight for deep thoughts
bring on the patriotism, then!
watcha wearin?
to sean kinsell
what were you saying?
ode to helen thomas
are you ready for some....football?
a kid's primer to the war, japan style
now reading
for the love of mankind
and now you know why robin williams is suddenly anti-war
a letter to john kerry
if i was eddie vedder, would you like me any better?
He didn't say what kind of role
on viewing women as girls
poet laureate
invaders from the U.N.!
before i get all serious again..
poetry slam
the men of the blogs of war*
poetry readings at nine every night!
empire job openings
purple pasta clinging to the sticky walls of splendidness
Guantana-Me, Guantanamo
speaking of monkeys
lost causes
good news
Stop! Go back!
War: the musical undead space comedy
on the question of the empire
my empire will strike back
give him enough rope
bad omen
right now i'm wearing an outfit that is made from dead swans
because i had seven spare minutes last night
You don't say....
one one hand there's my kids and on the other, there's this silo in Iraq...
it's the little things
it's tricky
Arnett update
somewhere else you can find me
Yes, Virginia, there is media bias
let's play two
delusion or duress?
ruminations on the evils of the ice cream man
gratuitous self link
ten second movie review
the trend is dead
programming note
what do you want to do tonight?
rangel rhymes with strangle!
bitchslap ted rall, volume 10
you're better off sending your kids to DeVry
i love the smell of putin in the morning
buy! sell!
sticks and stones
yelling with my mouth shut
speaken du deutsch?
mad props: the phrase that pays
laugh riot
welcome back, morford
the eagle has landed
ahhh zen
breathe in. breathe out.
shiny happy music
Iran away
Q and A
ted rall is number 2!!*
coming soon to a theater near you
moral relativism
more moore
a year in the life
look ma, I'm not famous!
commercial break
this just in...
playing nice: something besides war to do on your monday
michael moore is a big fat asshat!
i should have gone to bed
well this isn't going to help
maybe this will help
what will you wear to the Oscars?
exploit your children well
i think drudge has lost it
oh, canada! (this is a good post, not a bad one)
what really happened
wait, i get it! i get it!
this is not the dixie chicks
i could have saved you the trip over there
this is too much fun
it wasn't even jiffy brand peanut butter!
i'm all the man you need
the children!!!!
BTRD, pt. 14
don't forget to pack your gas bombs for the peaceful protest
liar liar pants on fire
a slice of home in kuwait
asshat roundup #1
still here
the money shot
the safe haven of long island
irony, thy name is peace
merry christmas, chirac!
my new favorite word
good stuff
time to loosen up
once a dick, always a dick
my god, what idiots
almost too easy
i'm getting really tired of the denial
gratuitous link because i really like the guy not because he offered me money
the law of news watching
poor ronnie
look at this
photo time
today's special is link soup
warblogging with style
comic relief
button pushing defense
it's begun
air raid sirens going off
command post logo
i'm not done yet
speaking of evil
more amusement
a fan club of one?
always something there to amuse me
catching up
picture worth a thousand words
War is not Pong
ya think?
oh, canada....bite me
yea, and...
blah blah blah
trooptrax article
morning links
one last thought
the march to baghdad
self congratulations
the collins principle
yea, that's the ticket
learn to swim
thanks for the homework help, saddam!
the acid poll
this is really getting too easy
more interesting than brit hume
saddam's poetry corner
i don't make this stuff up
meanwhile, in france
bomb porn
Q & A
worth quoting
tin foil hat alert
i've created a monster
counting the dead must be a peace thing
it's a hate mail kind of day!
tv blogging
terror links
live on tape
line break
Grunt for me
the inflated numbers are already coming in
More than meets the eye
fire the invisible missiles!
come on in!
command post
warblog collective
lies, damn lies and Iraq press releases
the warbloggers corner?
6:30 am: blood pressure up already
close up
trolling around
spot the clone
day divides the night
another ribbon
breaking news
take one and pass it on
it's on
gimme a filet o fish!
the time has come to shut up
test post
may i take a moment to be pissed off?
andy is dandy
i needed that
the war as blogged through bad 80's lyrics
in other news
shallow posting while we wait
5 cups of coffee later...
while you're waiting
press notes
blogging forecast
iraqi II, electric bugaloo
final thought of the day
was i supposed to be laughing?
more clip art: mumia 3:16!
now that's just silly
quote of the night
musical respite
and another one
final score:
juan gato: pioneer
clipart craziness
clipart for saddam!
Better Make Way
someone fill me in!
no blood for the humpty dance!
french reasoning
no blood for clipart!
the impasse
proof that i should have gone to bed already
i'm so sorry i edited that last post about this
there goes my blood pressure
orange crush
and so it comes
And they smell like rotting beef carcasses1

stop me if you heard this one before:
this was the post about rachel corrie
supporting the troops
what they are saying
we interrupt the warblogging to bring you...
Another night, another dream
the first sign
they may be on to something
a good time to mention this
what say you?
get scott a job!
yes i'm still ignoring the fact that we are going to war tomorrow
meaty beaty big and bouncy
you run ahead, i'll wait here
i am womyn, hear me roar. or meow.
shit or get off the pot
one last post about meat
i dream of gifelte fish
last notice
i need a second job just to get those akira books
just saying..
a joke walks into a blog...
saturday, bloody saturday
for the love of peace, put your damn clothes back on!
hello, my name is ricardo. touch my wiener.
oh give them a home, where the transformers roam...
this guy is funny (and he's a meat-eater)
was it good for you?
rumsfeld joins meat day
mmmmm battlecat!
beware the ides of march
she did what to me?
morning mail
swimming through apologies1

nancy? where's my slippers?
now playing
boxed meat
my ding-a-ling
breaker 1-9, this here's the rubber duck
i love referrer logs
would some technogeek like to help me humiliate myself?
you're a blind one, mr. blix
in the press
what do you think?

overkill happens so fast these days
gathering of dust
sword envy
and then they dressed her up like robert smith...
get that damn screwdriver out of my head!
a day in the life: 1,000 words about 4 long hours
Where have I been all day?
ted rall is still a festering sore on the face of mankind
good..bad...i'm the guy with the gun
when the music's over
trooptrax live!
on waking....
and here i thought it was aliens
i'm going to get sued for this one
don't forget the animals!
sorry, i ain't feeling it
catching up
nine months later...
Meat. It’s what’s for cooking.*
beastie boys: the good old days
today's fun fun fun
have you forgotten: sap that sells
link o' the day
what's your price for flight?
watch me shift my pole
want to freedom kiss me?
favor time
The joe mcnally interview
as the stomach turns
it's written in invisible blogger ink
war anxiety
even a cutting-edge sheep still says baaaa
drinkin' rum and coca-cola
this is getting old and so are you
screw you guys, i'm going home
women for a free Iraq
The Kevin Parrott Interview
fear of a litigious nation
perhaps he had his fingers crossed the whole time
deep thoughts
i can't believe i read the whole thing
and the winners are...
trooptrax post
i'm all out of tin foil
cheese: it's what's for easter
attention sxsw attendees
rall, you are no bill hicks
a little wine for your sunday
jimmy carter: a mini fisking
one more, i swear
one for the road
the end
i had no tequila
yea,l i'm 40 and still scared of my parents
thank you, i'll be here all night
yea, i'm still here, i'm just on aim talking to a suave serial killer
break on through, yadda yadda
do i hear one dollar?
theme song #2
i'm still going to keep on posting even though the crickets are chirping
someone pissed in my bowl of cheerios today
I'm just going to keep posting tonight until I run out of steam
clean teeth for peace!
act now!
say what?
thought for the day
the tupperwar lady scoops blix!
i read it on the net, so it must be true
what do you want to do tonight, brain?
speaking of rall
never again
everyone's a little queer (1)
boobies for freedom!
answering a ton of email at once
The Iraq dilemma one year later
shock me amadeus!
my daughter, the Rumsfeld protege
tastes so good....
i've been looking forward to bedtime since I got up this morning
it goes on and on my friends
after-speech review, synopsis and opinion
double profanity night
fun with protesters
short takes
music is the theme of the day
someone left the cake out in the rain
please hold
i've got a heart on
mark morford: the purple microdot of columnists
long haired country boy
go and boil your bottoms
(insert jaws theme here)
Hey, ho, where’d you go, Ohio?
games people play
friends of saddam
give free speech a chance?
the murdering terrorists strike again
national day of cutting class for communism
bare your chest for the troops!
stay hungry*
COtV #24
Make Love And War!
the truth laid bare?
i have a lot of class. it's all low.
today is bitchslap ted rall's fans day!
these kids today with their loud music....
it takes so little to amuse me
12 years
just drop me off at MSU
two big dicks
you're a weird one, mr. fisk
a baseball story
wake up, leftie america
TROOPtrax update
i love the smell of bribery in the morning
what's the matter with kids today?
Khalid Shaikh Mohammed is not looking too well
sunday song
good thing I didn't charge you for this call
teddy boy
more fun with reality shows
i'll tumble 4 u
morning links*
It's Mark Moford time!
all request hour
wot is yous bangin on about?
put down that drumstick!
mark your calendars
mastermind of death
nothing to see here
trooptrax update
33 and some basketball memories
troopstrax update
friday night music
from the petafiles
by the way....
who wants to marry a dictator?
even better than the real thing, pt. 2
another sign
Oliver's army*
someone beat them with a reality stick, please
TROOPtrax has its own home now
nighty night, rabbit*
more updates and thanks
forging ahead with this
update on Music for the Troops (which needs a better name)
A little music goes a long way: Help us support the troops
Rather Not
TupperWAR lady of the day!
on with it
taking off the sweater forever
make someone's dream come true!
bottom of the barrel
is anyone listening?
Letter from Survival Camp
good for the goose
sleeping with the enemy
a lot to crow about
are you pondering what i'm pondering?
who's killing the great chefs of france?
i'll be right there
shortened hours of business
TupperWAR, anyone?
Tell me about the loneliness of good, He-Man. Is it equal to the loneliness of evil?*
long quote of the day
another day, another ted rall bitchfest
keeping up to date
pork? porn?
told ya
down on the boondocks
the joy of unsolicited forwards
know what i mean?
quotes of the day
where are my sycophants?
long distance dedication: four horsemen style
limerick break
your silence speaks volumes
duck and cover!
why am i torturing myself like this?
shit, already
fred durst is still alive??
come experience my dark muffins
grammy post #1 (Watching the crap so you don't have to)
today's mailbag
do you think Glenn has a leather steed?
can't we just guard babies and small furry animals?
yet more commentary on ted rall being a festering sore on the face of mankind
what about the four horseWOMEN?
am i evil?
for your viewing pleasure
where do you put something like this on your blogroll?
they're worth 100 points each!*
coming up next: Bono named Pope
what i like about you (and america)
saturday music: and now for something completely different
even better than the real thing
i predict*
friday night music
and another thing
going on five times today
countdown to stupidity
bad cloud rising
station break
one more
that leaves only bill and hilary
banana meltdown: a ready.gov dessert recipe
peace out
commercial break
skeletons of society
daniel pearl, one year later
no time to say hello
bookmark update
off topic...
finally, some posters
What's not to like?
two favors
the force is strong with this one
667: the neighbor of the beast
what is that man smoking, part II
i'm a poet
vive le carnivale!
all i want is the truth
and after all that i told him i only watch cartoon network
bite me, freeloader
mysterious ways
something new to look at besides line drawings fused with redundant statements
us and them
help, redux
new logo
This gets better by the day
come out and plaaay-aaay
i added vodka to the smirnoff black ice drink
what is that man smoking?
i fart in your general direction
hey, joe!
turn that frown upside down!
not my choice
public schools aren't all bad
whose peace did you march for?
all weather, all the time
a boost to the immune system
photoshop fun
fifteen feet of pure white snow*
the devil, you say
doh! i mean, snow!
mmmm inhaling cleaning fluids
to the protesters
the protest round-up
pop quiz
sticking it to them
here's your ANSWER
what about the children?
today's protests: the blair blood project
support democracy in iraq
what if they gave a protest and no one knew what it was about?
blair gives a good speech, but needs a makeover
2-15-03: natalie is officially a teenager today
news fairly unbalanced?
valentine's poetry contest: winner
my husband's valentine
for treacher
food for thought
more creepiness
my creepy valentine
for those thick, hard to reach skulls
blackmail valentine
do you yahoo?
i have a heart on
i never thought i would say this
roses are red
violets are blue
if you were nice
i'd vote for you!

fire eaters! puppets! art! (and some protests)
sleep tight as a sealed window
nothing to see here
the flow of the game
isn't it romantic?
just directing traffic
saturation point
code pink?
ted rall is owed a living!
uncle rummy?
party poopers
civil defense poster contest
scoring for the other team
it's all blurring together
no wonder i'm twitching
and here is where i look for attention
in lieu of another post about how frightened i am
who wants to be a libertarian?
wednesday memo
poetry against the the poetry against the war
my mom can beat up your mom
ride on that peace train
now you can't even say it out loud
time to choose
rise from the dead!
he speaks from beyond
there's no business like bra business....
poem of the day
just a thought
i need a laugh track
somebody stop me before i self implode
the blowhard show must go on
protest this
i demand you say things you don't believe in!
i can't believe i watched the whole thing
flick your bic
a blogger in the white house
monday self link-love
a letter to Donald Rumsfeld
Fine French Dining
Vive les wimps!
3am thoughts
if i knew i was gettin an award this morning, i would have put some clothes on
roses are red: a valentine's day poetry contest
Blogrollin' rollin' rollin'
oh look at me. i'm making fun of celebrities again.
statement of record
APB for bryce rasmussen
opening shot?
someone saved my life last night
Ramsey's World
a banner day
music sharing without the hidden spyware
my gift to the leftists
wear yo hat
superman's dead
further down the rabbit hole
live from baghdad
song of the day
and nothing rhymes with orange
saturday memo
something for you to do while I go take a short nap
insert scary music here
i don't know. what do you want to do?
alas, poor morford, i knew ye well
mystical appearances
Friday (stolen) memo
oh what a beautiful morning
perpetual red alert (warning: long, rambling content inside)
i think i had a robitussin nightmare like this once
please hold
delivering the goods
humor me, ok?
what would it take?
thank you
for senor puffy cheeks
well if she really wants to make love, not war...
eating for comfort
mac attack
you still won't hear
hot fury
where's the stop sign?
i'm really very sorry
my rice is making a difference
preaching hate as a virtue
whole lotta love
those links i forgot to link today
vibe on
you make me feel like nukin'
Cross-Blog Iraq Debate: Call for Questions
in case of zombies, break glass
tuesday notes
looking back, part 2
surrender, surrender
learning to fly
new contest: gross and grosser
doctor, doctor
Monday Memo
squeal like a pig
public lives, public deaths
wearing my skeptic's hat (and my inner tube)
nobody expects the EU inquisition!
the 2 year anniversary party continues
I am the worst thing since Elvis Presley
now where's my lipstick?
looking back
two years running, still complaining
Aren't you a little short for a stormtrooper?
phil says "six more weeks of tissues and internet porn for me"
the other side of the coin has an ugly face as well
Yea, I'm still on my soapbox.
the great divide
david m. brown
more - 2
here come the conspiracy theories
breaking news
an honest question
my vagina is a lethal weapon
crusts are "Satan’s Scabs"
party on, dude
save it for later
for better or verse
look for the stripper label
an open letter to mark morford
body bag politics: the life you save will not be yours
it's either this or wedgie woman
friday feebleness
there's a party in my pants and you're invited!
rock over amish country!
party animals
The Powers of Ten!
intolerance should be the 8th sin
more interesting than the grammies
on ted, the braves and brett butler
no answer
you say it's your birthday
best movie about comic books not yet written
tales from the drug store
get your laugh on
run for cover!
climb a tree and act like a nut
paging mr. parrot
creature of the night
west blogging wing
Carnival time!
in which i finally answer the loaded question
or was her lipstick just smudged?
facing the enemy
SOTU pre game talk
where are they now?
the ultimate retreat
where were you?
what would rall draw?
couldn't the money used on this ad have fed some hungry children?
there once was a girl with a heart
Tuesday Memo
lord help me, I'm cat blogging. Does it count if I'm just saying cats are evil?
make yourself at home..
war, what is it good for?
101 reasons you are seriously misguided
i'm a bad samaritan
damn technology!
poll vaulting: i want a new peep!
cutting through the bullshit for you
it's report card day!
boiling point
monday memo
is it baseball season yet?
your virtual remote
now that's a halftime show
football fun 4: blogger superhero bowl
hey, who turned out the lights?
football fun 3: SB XXVII, a memoir
football fun 2: the weapons inspector bowl
football fun: the idiotarian all stars!
my name is tim, i'm a lesser known character
musical stroll down memory lane
The U.N: murderers by proxy
this time it's personal
minus the archives
this is your brain......
admit it, you liked the spice girls movie
shoving a poll up your ass
bottoms up!
you know where you can stick that pole...
yard signs i can live with
obligatory self link
getting over it
today's required reading
don't drop the soap
and bring the toilet paper
one good apology deserves another
it's a hormone thing
check the list, laurence
sad, sad world
bad choice
save our libraries
the last word(s)
venezuela blog day
analyze this
thanks, but no thanks
Joe $543.12
in the parking lot
so very unsafe for work, small children and other living things with high moral values
i'm a bad poet and I know it
speaking of fattening hamburgers....
on my knees
those damn yahoos
good wishes needed
burger wars
ass kissing, ass baring, ass for peace: the whole ass post
wanna cyber?
Pocket pool for peace
and the award goes to.....
fear and loathing in san diego
mmmm forbidden donuts
gaze of death
somebody's watching me...
so is bush hitler or vader?
from the desk of saddam
and you were unhappy with the s&m guy?
what's the buzz
lesson learned
protest porn: where i try my hand in the satirical porn genre
yes, there is a prize
the message is the medium
and you can have it all...
raise your cup and let's propose a toast
how soon is now?
isn't she pretty, isn't she pretty in pink?
video games don't kill people, etc.
shall we play a game?
what kind of fool?
break windows for peace!
scumdogs of the universe
note from the editor
you talking to me?
rally roundup
the answer is....
in my name
when i say happy, you say.....
some run on thing about the bands i've seen
it will be anarchy!
i bent my wookie!
I've been outed
viggo my precious, this is what you really mean..
and it's 1,2,3,4, that naked woman looks like a whore!
hey chuck!
yea, it's wacky alright
wacky juice
helpful hints for ordering chinese take out
chug it!
Remember as far as anyone knows, we're a nice normal family
damn the snooze button
I got it I got it! I know your damn words, alright
the empty bleachers
through the hoops
VRWC: Nothing but a Nigerian scam
School of Liberal Thought
here there be neverwhere
hidden treasures
10 simple rules for reading my blog
daisy, daisy
today's memo
one boy, one murder, 24 years worth of trials
the zamboni in the doghouse
revisionist blogging
Required Reading 2002 - here at last
bullying: it's everywhere
a comic blog a day keeps the thought process away
you may resume your blogrolling
what about the oil?
broadway, movies, and the music that sticks in your mind
carnival time!
i had a dream last night
is this the medical hotline?
i feel the love
Oh, Canada!
spreadin' the love
watch me bloviate
DJ update: the power of the blog, the power of a nine year old
it's all a matter of perspective
some guys have all the luck
til the nukes come down on the santa monica boulevard
i couldn't find the remote...
vive le france
too much information
sick of it all
riding on the metro: a choose your own adventure story
ashes to ashes
everybody into the pool
making my mark on the world
the bill of no rights
a little help here, please
more comicblogging: the bloggies
comicblogging: the early years
attention club katana members
here and there
maurice gibb
insert "fast times" joke here
i think i just hate people in general
these are not the weapons you are looking for
blogwhore 2: where I goad the contestants into taking off their clothes
the kids are alright
look at me, I'm cat blogging!
saturday mindless dreck: say my name
King Missile Attack
next up: blog, the video game
Where did everyone go?
jesus was whatever the speechwriter needs him to be
under the influence
in the news
open mic night at club katana
this blog brought to you by....
dream sequence
last post of the night
china to blogspot: you are forbidden!
the mailbox is still full...
whoever smelled it...
but will there be tv timeouts?
one for the road
may i please be poet laureate of the blogosphere?
sometimes the death penalty isn't enough
more huff(ington) and puff from the luxury liberals
early bird special
in a huff(ington)
elvis on repeat
i was going to hell anyhow...
rock over london
tequila and tunes
club katana
CotV #16: resoltions
no more
you can't take me anywhere
last thought on the situation today
earth to moby
a girl's gotta dream
covering the party
the meeting: use of force
this offer brought to you by CRACK
mailbag is full
bowling for dollars
a day in the life
the internet: your own private sewer system
thank you
pussies for peace?
playing the part of the bully is arafat
how to grow a bully
bluer monday
12 years ago
blue monday
playing the victim
cranium blowout!!
breaking news
haven't they found a cure for stunted maturity yet?
fisk and mallick - useless idiots
in a nutshell
explosions in tel aviv
Big Al on the scene
Survivor 5: Iraq
ELF strikes again
oh. that was real.
bringer of death
mas tequila
holy shit!
yea, another repeat
I love......a photo contest
long distance dedication
what becomes a legend most?
I'm already behind on my resolutions
monkey business
observe this, buddy
and the cheese stands alone
but seriously...
peary funny
come into my world
my favorite dreams of you still wash ashore
do you often sing or whistle just for fun?
whre's han solo when you need him?
shock-value entertainment as art
eight and counting...
say it loud, i'm a homesexualist and proud!
Hurray! Hurray! Many Happy Returns
ban everything.
speaking of aragorn
The Useful Idiot(tm) line of t-shirts
the catholic church and its bottom line
and i quote...
your concert from hell
my t-shirt's gonna save the world*
ben affleck, too
wrong bunny
bunnies for everyone
Required Reading 2002
dear "hanging with chad"
what makes a family?
the "far" on either side is too far
Eighties - I'm living in the Eighties
let the demonizing begin
and the winner is.....
Capitol N, small Y, big fucking Q!
poll dancing
my own best of 2002, par1t whatever: the golden rule
all the banished words fit to print
Intriguing Blogger Run-Off Vote
auld lang something or other
i resolve to make every day bitchslap ted rall day
let's go to the polls
speaking of ted...
ted rall: rippling meatball of hatred
so sue me, i slept in
say good night, babs
best of 2002: the web
poll update
more required reading
musical moments of 2002: in a word -bleh
once again, a notice
required reading 2002, my choices
new toy
santa and snoop, together at last
Loving you is like loving the undead
think of the children
an extremist by any other name
my own MVP (most valuable post) of 2002
shall we play a game?
Ten Most Intriguing Bloggers of 2002
lies, damn lies and conspiracy theories
bring out your dead
i wonder what brad pitt had for dinner
best of is a subjective term
talk dirty to me
destroy capitalism, but wait until you drop a few bucks at my bar
my year in comics, part one: Preacher
get your tin foil hats here!
they're always polite to their neighbors
action figure theater
come again?
Bill Cimino and his express ticket to hell
i love it when you call me barney!
some people think it's funny...
today's (and 2002's) required reading
at raising hell
Attack of the clones
The 2002 SmallVictoriestm: awards you may not want to win
mr. heat meiser
something something of the year
Christmas photo essay: the beauty of snow, the wisdom of homer
deck the hall with tons of boxes?
one last quote...
and all through the house
As the curtain falls...
the uss new york
(Posted by Laurence Simon as
A Little Pope-A-Dope For Your Amusement
Waking up...
Carnival of the vanities #14
Merry Christmas, Movie House!
Give your grocery store the finger.
weren't you supposed to be christmasing or something like that?
just one second here...
It's as plain as the nose on your face...
Carnival #14 is Coming
Holiday Meal Recipes For Cats?
Testing... 1 2 3
turning things over to laurence
A Small Victory Christmas Address 2002
give me back my upper haaaaaaaand!
one more clash story: somebody got murdered
interrupting all programs
gratuitous pictures and details of my day
today's textbooks: lies, revisions and the equator in Florida
a eulogy of sorts
so long, joe
5 sacks for Christmas
weather report: slight chance of nostalgia
video games that should not be
the party you are trying to reach is still unavailable
please hold while i finish christmas shopping and having a nervous breakdown
an explanation not owed, but given anyhow
welcome, wipe your feet at the door
bite me
reacting and over reacting
what exactly do you mean by white christmas?
addendum to two of last night's posts
action figure nativity
run, joey, run: now you have can suffer, too!
here a blowhard, there a blowhard
the last cat supper
speaking of propaganda
the inevitable happens
breathe easy
you can't make this shit up
how to give a parent a heart attack
the one time, never-happen-again pledge drive
mirror ball
sports scores and a real hero
conversation of the day
the cheerleaders of the left, gathered in one place
food for thought
tackiness in the name of the lord: More Christmas Decoration Hell
foiled again
i swear, i was not singing air supply songs
early morning notes and news
prepare for tomorrow's post
slow boat to denial
note to toren
hit the back roads, bill
you are in a large jail cell. there is a small bucket in the corner and a man named bubba is staring at you.
the six towers
bloviating jesus
the operative word here is "tool"
we had joy, we had fun....
he who shall not be named
carnival of the vanities: season 13
at my own request
request night at asv
at the request of juan gato
professor or professional protester?
who turned out the lights?
when bloggers have too much time on their hands
fingering your neighbors for christmas
When Penn speaks, does anyone listen?
News with a gratuitous stab at Lott
Snoop in da hizzouse!
have a crustacean christmas?
sean penn, north pole activist
you've been a baaaaaaaad boy
Operation Christmas Hell: add another rule on the fire
Token Lott post for Monday
they made the baby jesus cry
you think?
A reader's letter to NPR
he said what?
random picture #1
christmas myths legends, and shoes for mama
millions of strangers are disappointed
You better watch out!
get on your bike and ride
Thanks, Santa
bigwig sucks up in song
creative liberties
Christmas Decoration Hell: Come all ye tipsters
have a ho-ho-homer christmas
pissing on my christmas tree
live from new york, it's saturday night tedium!
the grinch is canadian
blaming george clooney
outrage alert
the other miracle of christmas
anti war protesters: let Iraqis free themselves!
blame game, part 2
what jesus AND satan drive
The blame game
I hereby relinquish my shotglasses...
lady godiva is calling
I'm sick of the word "resign"
blah blah blah
Maybe I should look up Jason Voorhees to drum up some excitement
more friday fun: kiddie lit
last post on smallpox
It's beginning to look a lot like (insert holiday of choice here)
Idiot of the day, part 1
now collecting idiotic quotes
shocking news!
learning as you go (gratuitous self link)
prepare ye the way of the end times
getting claustrophobic yet, trent?
Smallpox part 2
You got a lotta explain' to do!
see ya
Law steps down
liquid lunch, part 462
Bloomberg to commuters: "I have no idea what I'm talking about"
what would you do?
say it ain't so
a small victory on the go
on hate mail, threats and being an asshole
searching for Pantera's balls
A Lott of apologizing
Pledge Drive: For the Children
whose human rights are we talking about here?
Breaking the law
tis the season, part 2
cov #12 and some morning drivel from me
once again, indymedia leaves me speechless
in your jesus christ pose
cold contagious
today's required reading
Weblog Action cause of the week: support Iranian students
twas the night before the vicar burst into flames
the daily report
tis the season for giving
ho ho ho, merry shopping!
he took the words right off of my blog
don't make me start telling fart jokes.
monday monkeys
tales of the gay gunslinger
beyond the law
when celebrities speak, people listen. And laugh.
he said what? part 22
Today's required reading
lies, generalizations and SUVs
Sopranos season finale: a short review
What About the Children?
peace, love and throw stones at your enemies
the christmas party that wasn't, but should have been
santa claus is coming - get a tissue!
this day in history
til death do us win
But Miss World gets headlines
Alternative Christmas CDs, 2002 Edition
making a list...too late
the final countdown
Christmas Decoration Hell tipsters come through
in my dreams i write comics
everybody into the pool
say yes
in memory of
in other words
Oh, Canada
ted rall redux
the charlie brown and penis show
think small, act big
middle school sex: it's the parenting, stupid
with friends like these.....
when is a sin not a sin?
more crap in lieu of real content
crap on a stick
fifteen feet of pure white snow: photo essay
in macy's window, baby
join the fray
let snow...and ice...and sleet
absolutely fabulous
the tingling of responsibility
looks like bitchslap day hasn't ended yet...
where have i heard this song before?
Thanks from pizzaIDF.org
self congratulations
frosty's phallic symbol
snow job
do not tear off under penalty of law
that sound is my stomach lurching
my god, what is that snowman doing?
and keep your fists in your pocket at all times
Carnival of the Vanities #11
I may be sleeping already
it's a ted rall party!
on tour
You put up one hell of a fight
grandma's looking, put your hat on!
today is bitchslap ted rall day
Christmas lights TIPSters: the hubcap tree
black and white
protesting idiocy
if it looks like a duck...
get your cipro out
the time to hesitate is through
one good turn
Bloggerville's Favorite Holiday Movies: Results (mostly)
Feed the IDF: thank you for participating
Mothers for Saddam
taking liberties with labels
cause of the week
religious correctness gone mad
you would even say it glows
some things just shouldn't be re-usable
track 2 is for terrorist boarding only
fisking on a sunday morning
Operation TIPS: Christmas Decoration Hell
buy nothing everything
body count
make him sorry he asked
Bloggerville's Favorite Holiday Movies
meat is murder. but not cop meat. that's activism.
did i just hear a door slam?
and in the end
of underwear and christmas
Happy Hanukkah!
from the peta files
for me to poop on
Carnival of the Vanities on tour!
ding dong
If You Got It, Spend It Day: It's For The Childrentm
we don't serve your kind in here
flipping you the bird
thanksgiving - when the skeletons come flying out of the closet
one for the road
a thanksgiving tale
so long, and thanks for all the underwear
faster, please
giving thanks
paranoia, paranoia
i've got a bad feeling about this...
one more time, with feeling
send good vibes
Action Figures Caught on Cam Part 4: Thanksgiving
thought of the day
pizza news
blame america
eye of the storm
as i was saying
come out, come out wherever you are
reasons to be thankful, part 2
do i hear $1,000?
time out
jose cuervo, take me away
i'm dreaming of a
November 1998
dear bob, i'm glad you're dead.
heh, fairies.
pizza update 2
post-traumatic blogging disorder
the empty life of a techno-free teenager
reasons to be thankful, part 1
morning filler
pizza news
proof positive
Joe Zarro responds
to america, with love
we built this city
a "little incident of some rioting"
homeland security watchdogs
pet semantics
Pizza update
doing the beavis laugh
buy music, support the war!
ya think?
that's the spirit
cookie tossing
memo from the desk of asv
money shot
apology panties redux
feeding the IDF: a call to action
killing in the name of
hamster dancing on a grave
required reading
i think he just called you stupid
kid talk
give it a rest
a pizza, some donuts and a show of support
trim the fat
today's public service announcement
that's some wack shit, dude
on the bus
fisking fisk's teeth
I'm baaaaaaaack
when ninjas go bad
wanna be startin' something
download this, asswipe
another performer in the clueless parade
or maybe the batmobile
the humyn league
what happens when you let a blood thirsty hawk run a children's party
and sometimes there is good news
the other madonna
New Rule
found a peanut
ass smacking
daily required reading
anarchy: it's for the children(tm)
another one sees the light
open up and say baaaah!
monday, monday
make porn not warblogs!
bragging moment
kiddie overload
the price of appeasement
about the crack and smack and whack that hits the street
in our name
advance warning
ASV site o' the moment
commentary on commentary
boobs or brains?
we have a winner
semantics lesson, part 245
for the children, episode 3
going underground
dream a little dream
for the children, episode 2
for the children, episode 1
say it with me, once again
tits of war
lefty news
spread em
bang bang
points on poindexter
Notes to self
santa gets blackmailed. again
Ok, which one of you
i lost a day somewhere
over sensitivity
the price of freedom
bad day at blog rock
all you need is...love?
i am the power!
memories in print
bucket o' hugs
Watching the left so you don't have to
what are words for?
crack ho
pass the tylenol
Daily Pundit no more? Let's
play nice
two minutes to midnight
best spam ever
raising hell: holiday memories
Veteran's Day 2002
blessed are the......bottle throwers?
repeating semantics 101
last call for hate mail
cheesehead report
from skid row to the holy land
moral degeneracy and you
the war 5
big bunny!
comic fives
more fives
would you like to play a game?
semantics 101
after these messages
in defense of freedom
bad boys
the grinch is a liberal
hooray for boobies!
the left coast
jackass, the life
I love it when you say projectile missile
the pass is complete!
he knows if you've been bad or really, really bad
Rock the Casbah
wet, wet, wet
gun shy
and spies everywhere
jump shot
tickets still available
The Daily VRWC Bulletin
Be good for goodness sake!
roses are red
terror terror everywhere
up, up and atom!
Dept. of Rumor Control
cult of personality
from the desk of the king idiotarian
moore presents
because I'm bored....
i vant to suck your blood
givin' it up for the milk pillows
too many L's spoil the name
goin' underground
question of the day
hands on your head and spread 'em
run away!
there's got to be a morning after
one for the road
just a thought...
retain, reject, recount
blah blah blah
it's 11pm, do you know who your goveror is?
man of the house
difficult choice
Anticipating the end, losing the will to fight
It's magic, it's tragic, it's a loss, it's a win
Because the plot thickens every day
The null of losing
i count the hours, i count the days
make your own exit poll
A drink needs me
happy erection day
oh, the humanity
ashes to ashes
Election Day 2002: 3pm
smoke or kill
raising hell: ovaries
election 2002
election 2002
election 2002
how about a poll up your ass?
election day coverage
running for their lives
rise, ghosts of war
i'm a paine in the ass
best of the worst
word of the day
on the lighter side: movies
letters to the clueless
go forth and ping
nope, no media bias here
last word on this subject
countdown to the recount
who has my pillow?
nicotine fit: day 7
through the turnstiles
on with the blood thirsty gratuitious porn
maybe i really ampart of the conspiracy
who moved my cheese
step right up and spin the wheel!
thoughts on war: notes from a reader
vote as if your future depends on it
my name is michele and....
catching up and getting out
how i got here
picture perfect
slap you with a Kotex
i got a woody
group hug!
advice for the drunken hearted
last dance for the pity party
despite all my rage
election survey: judicial races
am i evil?
halloween roundup
fulfilling my campaign promise
your time will come
blood lust
meet the new boss
ever get this one in your treat?
no treats, just tricks
i will not let it rest
Jam Master Jay that is his name
hit me baby, one more time
halloween: heroes and villians
rally monkeys
where my bitches at?
i bet the placecards had donkeys on them
flying fists of death
short and sweet
get your memorial popcorn right here!
bongs and thongs and amish porn
i smell the blood of an englishman
rules, regulations, clarifications and by-laws
that darn "t" word
the family that turn tricks together....
seeing the sailboat
more oxygen!
at the doctor's
armchair quarterbacking: terrorist edition
loony pacifist of the day
audience participation
dear susan sarandon
and they say the right are conspiracy theorists...
cranium blowout!
sadistic leathermaster
all i need to know i learned from mad magazine
a moratorium on idiots
today's reading assignment
hostage situation ends
what a compassionate man
a picture is worth a thousand margaritas
raise your cup
breaking news
attention blogger users
a bleak situation
whose child is this?
moose and elk all night long
the more you know...
news from russia
connecting the dots
brass monkey, that funky monkey
no tinfoil needed
waking to a nightmare
the plot thickens
one step forward, two steps back
coping in different ways
the bane of her existence
your cd player caused 9/11!
do hamsters get funerals?
foil head of the day
fear of the dark
playing dress-up
what does your gut say?
the festering sore on the face of the NBA
coming clean
in defense of Charles Johnson
case in point
wanna read something really scary?
is this it?
leave the cannolis
someone get me a tinfoil hat, quick!
i am the cheese
humor me
ghouls and goblins and sweet tarts, oh my!
unleash the hounds!
the white van theory
drunken superheros
thanks for coming
another monty python take-off
in a nutshell
put that lawn gnome down!
that age old question
gone from the headlines
i got a woody
what's under the pope's hat?
Prof. Plum in the blogosphere with a manifesto
the hamster ate my baby!
teach your children well
everyday is halloween
news for the naive
reach out
daschle in dockers
saddam a go-go
the grind
today's tin foil hat award
the b-list
my kingdom for a controller
the company I keep
peace love and understanding war
banned books news
and babies come from the garden
my agenda
striking fear, part 2
i, robot
everyone's a critic
the gentle art of making enemies
ain't that a kick in the ass?
life's not fair, deal with it
cement shoes
chocolate covered gretchen
fighting the urge
i picked a bad day to quit smoking. again.
if it swims like a duck...
living in/being a pineapple
rock over london, rock on chicago
terror strikes a pose
carnival #3
contents under pressure
peeves that have nothing to do with pets
suck em if you got em
blog products
why do they hate us?
bugs, bush and bongs
striking fear
war polling
eating crow
sunday photo essay: falling
that was fast
sell the rights to your blight
i hope it wasn't crazy glue
left, right, left, right
and i had so much to say, too...
food and music
problem solving through google
jesus, hockey and humping hamsters
i'll bite your legs off!
up yours, blogger
action figures caught on tape 3
blowin' in the wind
out of left field
kiddie snacks
what if
wanna see something really scary?
is there a pet doctor in the house?
the clowns ate my brain
everybody say yea!
nigeria falls, new york
self linking
here and there
babs goes to boot camp
it's getting hot in here
hell raisers
voting booth is open
got your panties in a bunch?
supper's ready!
she's a pinball wizard
speak and destroy
allah mcbeal
more from the PETA-files
the evils of state-mandated testing
saddam and arafat, together at last
ann coulter: hair metal goddess
webster in the hizzouse!
my cartoon schedule...
tv listing
everyone's a critic
analyze this
join us on the dark side
excuses, excuses
i am superman
this is not a costume party
did they send baby wipes, too?
censor this
instant psychoanalysis
legislating sportsmanship
war talk
spit or swallow
give war a chance
copy machine etiquette
choking the chicken
that settlement will buy you a lot of happy meals
i'm using the force to post this
anger management
how to ensure a road rage incident
i'll make a celebrity out of you yet
photoshop contest voting
read any banned books lately?
he who is not dave eggers
more fun than a barrel of feces throwing monkeys
a child's grief
wartime fun with photoshop
death as art
truth, speculation and bending over for mass media
wednesday night at the movies
can't sleep, the clowns will eat me
reading assignment
want to buy a bridge?
life with a 7th grade girl
everything's ruined
blast from the past
post-apocalyptic preparedness
comic book toys instead of a rant
bug spray
obsessive compulsive stats disorder
180 channels and nothing on
and now for something completely different
none of the above
bragging rights
corrections, clarifications and curveballs
blogging squirrels
surrounded by idiots
i could have used some chianti
let's play "what if"
you make me feel like dancing
maybe, maybe not
starring bush as jason voorhees
a child's thoughts
thank you
no ordinary day
it's your turn
ordinary day
tunnel vision
the wall
impact statements
sell the rights
wake up, the world is ending
win, win, swim
jackasses of the world, unite
speaking of titty twisters...
movies, movies and football
up yours
brass balls
the changed skyline
winer weiner whiner
peeing your pants is cool
quality of life
in and out
spitting fire
false idols
obligatory first day of school pictures
to do list
september 11 revisted: part 4
first day jitters
Q & A
obligatory wedding pictures
how many enemies can dance on the head of a blogger?
books are crack
september 11: part 3
target is hell
fie to that sei!
september 11 revisited: part 2 in a series
putting the 'personal' in website
can of worms
up in the hot tub, bubbly
glitter: a review via webster's
special guest
why spiderman isn't allowed to come over and play anymore
late summer sunset
i had a dream last night
called out swinging
fun with stars
stick a fork in it
(un)fan mail
me me me
the final countdown
how to spend money you don't have
wedding tale, part 3
wedding tale, part 2
a wedding tale, part 1
i deny it all
killing time
i'm getting married in the morning
love fest
my favorite rock star
photoshop was calling me
the music never stopped
action figures alive, part 2
elephant parade
and then they found her....
i've always wanted to join a sinister cabal
how many people want to kick some ass?
summer of rock
mystery maus
stream of unconciousness
bobble rivalry
misguided guidance
book whore
canadians don't eat fast food?
what, me worry?
waking life
all points bulletin
pardon the schmaltz
I am the power!
amelie: a one sentence review
evil hamster tales, part I
blowing roger clemens
don't let the clubhouse door hit your ass on the way out
blaming of the shrew
water, bridge, etc.
by the numbers
meet the hamsters
consider yourself
mirror mirror
mommy, what's a blowjob?
showers and beavers
it's the beavers who are angry, not me
butterflies and ballads
sticky floors and milk duds
hello, dolly!
BlogMoodMeter (tm)
number nine
i've got a new complaint
for dicks only
this is a call
you wear it so well
picture day
i'm king of the world
there used to be an oak tree here
you make the call
open discussion
give til it makes you say yea
saturday silence
tether go snap!
free people read freely
two contests in one
jedi mind trick: banned books version
head in the clouds
rush to idiocy
the mind of a bitter man
not fark, but close
at war with peace
sue you, sue me
fo' shizzle my nizzle
whore unto others
all the news you can eat, $5.99!
banned books and hot dog steaks
one problem solved
banned books week
last wedding related rant ever. promise.
celebrity true stories part 2: moments of idiocy
20 days
movies that suck
ultimate linkage
no end in sight
hail to the king, baby
courtney love finally becomes useful
my villainous powers are comic book worthy, damn it!
the adventures of Panic-Man and his evil sidekicks
exhaust fumes
real genius
what's he doing in that cave, anyhow?
let's party
don't delay
fresh stuff, evil stuff, contest stuff
and then i curled my toes so hard i got a cramp....
ATS True Stories
boss monster
don't panic
greatest cartoon characters of all time, my ass
play along with the bad day blog
i'll never leave your pizza burning
Anger Directment: A case study
i dreamed of boobies
do not disturb
thank you, part 4
thank you, part 3
thank you, part 2
gettin' bored here
thank you, part 1
where my hoecakes at?
You heard me
hot cross boobs!
6am: getting punchy
elvis the pelvis
5:43: jar of boobs
this hurts
another set of boobs
On time, right, a giraffe, okay
5:00: christine has boobies!
who the hell knows what time it is anyhow?
4something: it's raining men
4:30: time for a snack
4:00: hooptydooptydoo
I'm telling who Marge really
I'm sorry, my name was?
3:37: this is the part where we start to make no sense
3:00: brain stew
Fuck now it's 2:40
2:24: finger sandwich
2:20: pooh boobs
1:56: crack house
1:37: zillaboobs
1:30: where is my mind?
1:15: boobieheads
1:05: i dream of pizza and boobs
1am: bend over baby!
And bring napkins
12:14: I am the filler bunny!
midnight: melly is a crack ho
11:45: pour some redsugar on me
11:30: holy mother of all boobies
11:18: that tingling feeling
11:01: John Ashcroft, phone home
11:00: rat boobs
10:30: the other's insane
10:00:more more more!
9:30: clarification
9:20: and the boobs keep coming
9:00: double boobage
I hope there's a sudden outbreak of warts
8:25:mo' money, mo' sponsors
8:00: boobs on the spot
7:30: squids and stool
7:00: scary, scary men
6:40: where the hell did that slut marge go?
What are you looking at?
5:41: the boobs of bill
5:30: guilt gift
5pm: presenting: the boobieblog!
4:30: that new blog smell
4:00: man boobs
3:30: who owns the chiefs?
3:00: artistic cleavage
2:30: those crazy boys
2:00: debauchery
1:30: sense of snow
1:00: kick my ash
12:15: blog fight!
11:00 sleepaway
11:30: boobies
11:00: hot tramp
10:30: fun with telemarketers
10am: to the popemobile!
9:30: little lambs
9am: welcome message
pre-blogathon news
press 1 for an endless maze of automatons
the pee pee dance
gearing up
mo' rodents, mo' problems
lies, truth and hot blogs
rodent shopping
hair club for congressmen
'cause i'm a liar
where my fuzzy bunnies at?
i'm not dead yet
ctrl alt delete
the circle jerk of hate
little raindrop soldiers
temporary empty nest syndrome
mas tequila!
not an addict
dick armey, spork hero
spork spirt award #4
crop circles, cleveland and kidneys
join spork, save a kitten
grandpa joe
the final whore
puking mustard
like mike me
well i never
i'm a sinner, i'm a saint
caption please
more real life theater
spork spirt award #2
my record collection can beat up your record collection!
immoral support
real life theater
i am NOT paranoid
spork spirit
fantasy island or musical nightmare?
shake yer booty
pressure cooking
morning prelude
just kill me now
sporkie mission
come get some!
spork power!
i'm laughing
george w. bush: america's appetite supressant
you've got to be carefully taught
wedding bitchiness
movies, movies
around the yard in 80 shades
unbalancing act
with this decoder ring, i thee wed
free advice
when i grow up
casting couch: superman v. batman
Oh, those summer nights: pictures that have nothing to do with the words
breaking up is hard to do
rockin the blogathon (your theme song)
be quiet and drive
frozen stiff
flying fists of rage
the war whisperer
i've come a short way, baby
is it friday yet?
ann coulter v. reality
blame canada
requisite about page
the horror!
kiss and tell
i bet they have a bin laden pinata at his party
if you get paid in copies, does it still make you a professional writer?
saturday photo essay: heat stroke
anyone have happy pills?
us, them, we
lost in new york
may the fourth be with you
hourly affirmations
jigglin' jugs
bitching and moaning
i got your weather right here, buddy
til cancelled tv shows do us part
imminent danger fashion
royal canadian kilted yaksmen
mr. roach and the bic of death
being all that you can be
here's to liberty?
pity party
the powers of neon
i wanna be sedated
which god?
a bird named Keith: my Who story
suburban legends
sun sick
from the vault
holy fucking shit and amen
summermix2: new world order
more summer stories: 1976
bad idea
summer songs: a playlist
summer of fear
photo essay: summer is
death dream
michele is......
ode to my sister on her 33rd birthday
field day images
final answer
you knew i would all along
flirting lessons: a grade 3 primer
Instapoll part 2: you decide my fate
5:45am: scratch ass and yawn
instapoll: blogathon edition
ode to a hot dog
wedding planner
kiddie consumerism
good friday
suburban legends
and then....
end of the world, in four parts
bring me the head of anyone!
Testiing a theory
saying nothing in millions of words
credit cards accepted
lunatic fringe
dead or alive?
victory lap
Ball talk
the waking life
blogger insider: the coincidence edition
bad mommy
and when it came out it went drip, drip, drip
here's how to order
needles and pins
fortune is smiling upon you
i'll swallow your soul
have a drink, a pot of coffee
breaking wind (instrument)
lord vader has spoken
yelling with my mouth shut
morning soundtrack
about disasters, fires, floods and killer bees
come for the murder, stay for the beaches
and don't call me sweetie
there's no crying in little league, is there?
sexy is as sexy does
help wanted
somebody's watching me
hitler's weenie
you know you have a problem when....
sex, vacuum cleaners and crack
i am ninja, hear me roar
this is the sound of time being sucked down a vortex of anxiety
qod, the return
over the hill, gladly
hello kitty
have you seen my perl module?
stream of unconsciousness
time standing still
Blow up dolls
poking holes in the soul
will trade sex for new design
sigh of relief
the nephew
it's morning already?
breaking news
what's pissing you off today?
the boys who cried terror
word sex
last chaper
here they come
learning to fly
George Lucas must be stopped
action figures caught on tape!
you are about to enter another dimension..
Just call me 13
way to go, Nat
self linking
the dreaming life
tick tick tick
i've got a bad feeling about this
math test
i still hate george lucas
playground politics (revisited)
question of the evening:
dear monday, again
Dear Monday
end of the day
word to your mother
what a card, redux
Insider, Part 5
what a card
burmese, anyone?
repeat after me
Happy Birthday, Mig
when it rains it pours
now you see it, now you don't
drugs are bad mmmkay
gothic martyr poetry by natalie, age 12
love, marriage and someone else's american dream
analyze this
stuff 5.6
my spidey sense is tingling
stuff 5.6
sample this
Nick Cave, the god
just so you know..
quitters, inc.
stuff 5/1
death fantasies
saying it while i can
time and space
what the hell am i talking about?
bigger and better
saturday stuff
today's agenda
fell on black days
stuff 4.25
tv turn on
stuff 4.24
and the day just goes on and on....
to sleep.....
cluck cluck
raising hell
the wedding party
my sentiments exactly
down in a hole
spikes and streaks
birthday shots
altered states
stuff 4.19
very punny!
the horror! (contest included)
original sin
the spring of summer
looking for bloggers in all the wrong places
like oprah's book club, but not
revenge of the 9 year old
listening in
stuff 4.15
bending over backwards
rice throwing
death, time, space, etc.
philo's present, a little late
must stop the flying fist of death
stuff 4.11
dreams, movies and happy endings
the last supper
stuff 4.9
the futility of being nice
bringing the RQ down
you say it's (almost) your birthday
I dream of Kurt Cobain (not that I wanted to)
tv party tonight
stuff 4.6
tick tock....
when it's time to change...
minding my manners
the great manners experiment
fire and steel
the joys of quality time
facing the future
stuff 4.2
stuff 4.1
family of fools
things i just don't get
stuff 3.31
our dinner with the manly-men
stuff 3.30
It's not Lawn Guyland, it's Long Island
stuff 3.29
clowning around
sudden impact
stuff 3.27
bring it on home
summer of 12
stuff 3.26
special moments from my family album
the war against SUVs
time of the season
little white lies
I didn't forget....
basiliskitis and truancy
sucky summer jobs: #22 in a series
skeletons in my closet
i dream of tech tv
warm fuzzies
have you seen my muse?
stuff 3.19
more penis fun
what rhymes with fetus?
too much information
click here
I dream of Sam Donaldson
road rules
brain spittle
story time: more bodily function fun
tidbits 3.16
moral dilemma
special effects
suburbian life
these kids today....
Is that a label you’re wearing?
Helpful hint of the day
tidbits: 3.14
story time: a (true )fart story
I know it's not Thursday, thank you.
Filler Bunny 101
Worth the wait
Wait...just this dream...and then I'm done, ok?
after these messages, we'll be right back
late notice
high anxiety
Barbeque this!
playing the part of cynical bastard...
it's just me...
tidbits 3.10
story time3: dream fiction
would you name your band fantabulosa?
blood, guts and driver's ed
fly the friendly skies
color coded for your safety
tidbits 3.08
oscar! oscar!
handy dandy mood cycle chart
the (embarassing) lyrics of your life
celebrity true stories: she who shall not be named
you let your baby do what??
tidbits 3.06
story time: tales of juvenile delinquency in the name of good taste
tidbits 3.05
good nutrition for growing kids
pop quiz
will that be large, extra large or super size?
tidbits 3.04.02
where is my mind?
it's out there
tidbits 3.03
the internet according to jesus
fashion victim
tidbits 3.02
jenna bush, dick cheney and free t shirts
tidbits 3.01
FOX: the new lows keep getting lower
the golden rule
no sleep til...whenever
tidbits 2.28
cleavage therapy
tidbits 2.27
how to win friends and influence cable technicians
life on hold
titanium white?
Catholic Guilt: The Easter version.
tidbits 2.26
blog dreams
this must be a monday
suckage and lovage
bitching in poetry
random amusements
my prerogative
tidbits 2.24
stand by......
a fire inside theater presents: Blogger Noir
tidbits 2.23
hot date, my ass
You're all out of order!
i had a dream last night
tidbits 2.22
excuse me, have you seen bin laden's arm
I'll spork your eyes out
tidbits 2.21
it's not what you think
expletives not deleted
not to be confused with star trek: next gen
got to be a chocolate jesus
answering the door naked
The Skid Row Coaster Collection
ping ping
I'm crushing your head!
chemical reaction
words like a song
chuck knoblauch and garlic flavored titties
today's fun and games
food and song
Happy birthday, Natalie
sometimes i.......
so play the violins
Yelling with my mouth shut
we'll sing and dance and we'll find romance
this is getting old and so are you
a bouncing little baby
I deserve a reward...
here's how to order
Sell the rights to your blight
You're my flavor of the week
Prepare for a series of comfortable miracles
Nausea, suffering, perversion, calamity
Because the plot thickens every day
life to you is a dashing bold adventure
My head is like lettuce
another letter to someone who won't care
what are you going on about now?
smoke v. me v. the world
liquid lunch
a weblog by any other name....
deficit deja vu
a small victory
Patriots 20, Rams 17, Terrorists 0!
who lives in a pineapple on the 50 yard line?
ahh, go fuck yourself, ok?
the blahs, the blues and the bitchiness
like old 70's folk singers for chocolate
and then...
Blogaversary: history of my blog, Part 1
Question of the day
and then there will be wild monkey sex
saying nothing in so many words
so, does anyone else collect chicken broth?
fear, loathing and self esteem
diary of a mad blogger
don't make me hURL a stone at you
when i say happy, you say birthday!
you cannot silence me!!
remains of the day
(expletives deleted)
the no smoking sign is now lit
red, red wine
monday musings on the triumverate plus one
sister, sister
letters to inanimate objects, part 3
same as it ever was
London calling
back off my ovaries, bitch!
the blame game
sick with guilt
random musings in between vomiting
who is wil wheaton and why does he have a weblog?
curse of the civil servants
you've got to be carefully taught
B to the Ling
here's the mail.....
game of the day
straight up
the agony of defeat, the moral dilemma of playstation
fumbling towards the superbowl
for the birds
News at 11...or not
The killer bunnies are coming!
thinking and linking
you tell me
more stuff you didn't want to know about me
who is this man of mystery?
and then he morphed into dick cheney....
books and dinner
question/favor of the day
running at the mouth
power bars for the soul
the post semi-hiatus mixed bag of metaphors and crap
is this what they mean by communion?
coming down the mountain
into the void
One down...
here's to good friends - and cheesheads
am i going to be owed bad karma for this day?
Ethan Allen, of the war, not furniture
life, death and and comic books
The Forest Forty
Just call me b5dksufioxelc
analyze this. I dare you.
I thought I was done
and then the rest of the day....
on the couch
28th day
question of the day, the return
more fun with the sleep deprived
family physics
is it time to go home yet?
dreams, dread and donuts
look ma, no brains!
it's one of those days when i just won't shut up
what did you read in 2001?
the morning news (brought to you by Folgers)
3 hours, lost forever
crash and burn
may the force drop a ten ton brick on your head
plug someone you love
this, that and the other thing
here's to global warming
and then she mistook her ass for her brains
Justin "Jedi" Timberlake
station break
reader's poll: did i even have a top ten? maybe 5? 3?
inside edition, take three
hey you old acquaintances!
happy birthday, dad.
the movielife
still life: 4:30 a.m.
low maintenance resolutions for everyone!
i might be wrong....
where is my mind?
a message to you, rudy
a bobupndown christmas
the secret santa who never showed up
a toast to absurdity
and now..your moment of mushiness
364 shopping days until Christmas
twas the workday before Christmas...
the presence of presents
monkey dead.
my year in music
where is my mind?
dollars and sense
you must learn
rockin the globe
Christmas with the King
cash money prose
doctors and hookers
give a little bit
i'm a perfectionist, and perfect is a skinned knee
Istanbul is Constantinople
defending my space
and in other random ramblings...
let the bunny fill you with love
bitter pills
monday musings
to dream....
the gift that keeps on giving
my spider sense is tingling
todd mcfarlane's balls
careful, your indie cred is showing
no pledge, no state aid....
questions, questions
bang your head
let's go to the videotape..
think small, act big
i don't need your stinkin cookies
i am elise
everything and nothing
question of the day
c is for god damn ugly stupid cookies
monday, monday
The Kazaams
indymedia: all the new to turn your stomach
December 8, 1980
guest blogger
the mail brings happiness
this is a call
i'll kill you in my dreams
question of the day
i forgot to remember
blogger insider, vol. 2
free food and the people who run after it
friday follies
question of the day
inside a kid's head
with liberty and justice for some, not all....
war and weather
today's question
you had to be there theatre presents:
getting over the hump
today's question
breathe in breathe out
barely breathing
and the evening musings....
monday musings
this is my life
tis the season to beat the shit out of people
chasing the moon
World AIDS Day 2001
World AIDS Day 2001
World AIDS Day 2001
today's question
picture imperfect
beware zealots with envelopes
I think it's time to
It's Friday, isn't it?
what constitution? where?
like licking a stamp..
b.c. (before coffee)
so many colors...
what i left behind
first day with new camera
cabin fever
liquid dreams
I swallow
I swear this is the last post about being sick
People I want to kill, volume 2; Scott Stapp
the misery of monday
alternative christmas, redux
Madonna: Mother and Naturalist of the year
get me off of this crazy couch....
alternative christmas, volume 2
life's hard questions, and letting other people answer them for you
displays of tackiness
Santa and Sudafed
Stalker, fan...same difference
Whining will get you everywhere
Just another post holiday rant
love is in the air
the real thanks
reasons to be absurdly thankful
and now a word from our sponsor
I got your christmas cheer right here....
Blogging Under the Influence
sharing the misery
our country tis of idiocy
singing for the choire
George wants his MTV
another good-bye
spreading disease since 1962
questions, this time with answers
questions for a monday morning
the story of david, on his first birthday
blogs and cable and birthdays, oh my!
me, myself and meteors
first person to say Mrs. Robinson dies a gruesome death
love letters
scream dracula, scream!
new additions
war nerve
Harry Potter: a review
finally friday
war and such
random musings
deck the halls with cries of war
life check
the frozen tundra
think good thoughts
media perspective
movie math
east/west, one of the best
engine failure?
media redux
Souls on Sale, today only!
Scanning at random
Cable Guys
What weekend? Where?
Enhancing your church experience
family functions as blog fodder
Quitters, Inc.
Decisions, Decisions
What's another 20 bucks a month?
Question of the day
Operation Refresh
:::For Immediate Release:::
Santa, NAFTA and me
walking in my father's shoes
lumbering along...
middle school hitmen
Francisco bin Laden?
speaking of change
The more things change
the beginning of the end...
elephants and arcades
All hail lord zed
food follies
peace, love and boiled body parts
moving on to hockey...
fish heads
god is bulletproof
Guarantee this, loser
billy corgan's head
to sleep
The Andrew Lloyd Webber Experience - Dream version
naps and llamas
what are you doing with that rutabaga?
I put before you my soul....of crap
not the hurricane you're looking for
head, anyone?
Sucks to be Byung-Hyun Kim
jesuschristonapogostick. i need a drink.
what the hell is wrong with me?
pardon me while i brag
disaster in progress
the great missing pumpkin
Get thee behind me, October
nothing to see here
pop n fresh
pop goes the picture
Happy fucking Halloween
the bane of my existence
smashing pumpkins
so...watcha wearin?
who wants to be a novel writer's sidekick?
what ever happened to plastic masks?
from the desk of cheney/ashcroft, evil duo at large
last moments
fuck me
george, the yankees, and me
monday rambling
Blog Me? Blog YOU!
dack is back!
no nukes
the more things change
fright fest
killing the queen
do you know exactly how to eat an oreo?
click this
today's special
blink and it's over
what the hell is that noise?
the tale of the bad samaritan
which way?
party central
Forward One, Back Two
The Horror! The Horror!
Fear and loathing in New York
sick and tired of being sick and tired
Blah Blah
Bio Warfare, The Tour
Bloggin and Buggin
Getting even with Monday
Monday, Monday
Signs of violence
Nick Cave
The Day After
a perfect fit
Shades of Grey
Homeland Ethnic Profiling Committee
Going grey...